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Meet: Vu

Mug Shot

Nickname: Sleeper, the Big Chief

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America, Earth

Genres: Britpop, Indie, Folk, New Wave, Punk, Dance, Trip-Hop, Dreampop/Shoegazing 

Some Favorite Lyrics:

Remember how we listened to the radio,
And I said 'That's the place to be'
And how I got a job as an FM jock,
The day you married me
it was two kids and I was into AM rock

-  Harry Chapin, “W*O*L*D”

Of course you protest,
that's what you do best
and you're modest and shy to the end.

- Camera Obscura, “Your Picture”

First Albums:  These albums were purchased with my own money.  Cassettes were $7.99 on sale new, while CDs was a little more expensive at $12.99 to $14.95.  On Cassette: George Michael's "Listen Without Prejudice, Vol 1" (1990), Wilson Phillips' self title (1990), Twin Peaks Soundtrack and Julee Cruise's "Floating into the Night" (1990); On CD: Information Society's "Hack" (1990).

Random things: I like my road bike.