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Black Iris introduces digital. 7" singles label, feature in Sunday's LA Times Calendar Section, singles from Fools Gold and Flowers of Doom coming soon

posted Jul 25, 2008, 9:45 AM by Vu Nguyen
From Tell All Your Friends

Just what IS Black Iris?
How do I find their digital singles?
Are they free? Can I post them and share ‘em with my readers?
Who’s on their roster?
Who the heck are Fools Gold and Flower of Doom?

The answers to all those questions and more below.  READ ON!
With studio’s in NY, LA and Virginia, Black Iris is a collective of musicians rooted in the indie music scene who, outside of their bands,  have been recording compositions and original scores to all kinds of media. From producers to engineers to composers, the collective has been ever growing since it’s formation. From all this creativity and good music spawned the Black Iris Singles Label.
The Black Iris label will be in both digital and 7inch format.     

The first two singles will be released shortly. The first is from Fools Gold, which is many of the members of indie darlings Foreign Born. The second will be from Flowers of Doom which is Cornbread Compton of Cursive and Josiah Steinback of Heavens, with a revolving selection of singers. The first Flowers of Doom single has the vocal styling of Tim Presley of Darker My Love.

You can find these singles at in 2 weeks but we will have a temp page up to get the tracks now.
Why Black Iris?
The Black Iris Label is a platform for this collective of artists to showcase the music that they are making beyond the confines of the work they do for advertising, film and TV.  The collective is a diverse group of musicians who are always making music either for TV, film, web or for their own projects or even as producers of friends projects. These musicians all work within the collective and want their various projects to be heard! Black Iris will create this outlet by sponsoring tours, curating live shows and releasing these singles both digitally and in a 7inch format.
Black Iris has been making music within this format for awhile with musicians who have played in and toured with many bands including Foreign Born, Cursive, and Mazzarin to name a few. Many Black Iris songs might be familiar. You might hear snippets of them anywhere but the point is, if you dig em,  you can’t find them. They have been living in some “music netherworld”, now that is not a problem. Black Iris will be making those songs available.
Black Iris was featured in print and the online version of the LA Times last week.
Check out the feature here...