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Goldcure's Portuguese Prince arrives August 26, 2008!

posted Jul 20, 2008, 8:46 AM by Vu Nguyen
From Team Clermont


Goldcure's debut LP, Portuguese Prince, lands August 26!

Goldcure, a rising band in the Austin music scene, known for their polished, soaring anthems and captivating emotional rock, will release its debut LP, Portuguese Prince, on August 26, 2008 on Sorin Records!  Comprised of members Adam Buhrman, Craig Haskell, Gavin Inverso and John Allison, the band delivers a unique and original sound, while displaying a reverence for inspirations ranging from Wilco, Travis, and the Verve, and at times tapping the earnest emotional depth of bands like U2 and the Beach Boys, however different those two might be.


The album begins with the voices of Buhrman and Haskell harmonizing to the driving, mesmeric pulse of Inverso and Allison. This symphonic, rock-anthem sound carries you into each track, creating a spacious landscape to interact with the band’s honest, penetrating lyrics and thoughtful instrumentation. The result is an album that begs exploration and finally finds a life of its own in its audience.

Portuguese Prince is produced by lifelong musician, songwriter, and producer Stephen Doster. Stephen credits his work with the late James Honeyman-Scott of the Pretenders for inspiring his impulse to merge with Goldcure. Honeyman-Scott was producing a record for Stephen at the time of his tragic death. Stephen writes, “When I first heard Goldcure a bell went off in my head. The melodies, the harmonies and the big guitars were very familiar. Working with them is like unfinished business with me. Although there are many influences you can definitely hear Honeyman floating around in there.”  Burhman says, "Doster has a great feel for arrangements, and accenting parts.  He knows how to cut through the flab and be direct, and yet he is so beautifully understated."

Upcoming Dates

July 26 @ 9:00pm
San Antonio, TX

July 28 @ 7:00pm
Saxon Pub
Austin, TX

Aug 16 @ 10:30pm
Austin, TX

Aug 29 @ 10:00pm
Godfathers Palace
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Aug 30 @ 10:00pm
Bull Bar
Delray Beach, FL

Aug 31 @ 10:00pm
Bull Bar
Delray Beach, FL