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Loquat releases Secrets of the Sea October 14th

posted Jul 28, 2008, 12:17 PM by Vu Nguyen
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Secrets of the Sea
(October 14th – Talking House Records)

 “Lots of bands mix electronic and acoustic instruments, but few pull it off with the grace—or even the shimmering melodies—exhibited by this San Francisco group fronted by Kylee Swenson.”

 —San Francisco Chronicle

Swenson’s voice soars like Sarah McLachlan, but her lyrics cut like Cat Power.” —URB


Loquat - Secrets of The Sea (10/14/08)

San Francisco band Loquat will release their new album, Secrets of the Sea, October 14th on Talking House Records.   Secrets of the Sea is the second full-length album from the organic-meets-electric Bay Area quintet and their first on the SF label imprint. 

Secrets of the Sea was created against the backdrop of two years of turbulence in the band’s life.  As each wave crashed on the shore and retreated back to sea, the album began to take shape.  “It was a time of real push and pull in our lives,” explains lead singer/guitarist, Kylee Swenson.  “Births, deaths, and a lot of intense things happened while we were recording this album.”  One such life-changing event was Swenson’s wedding to bassist Anthony Gordon.  “Sometimes I‘d hear Kylee singing some harsh lyrics and wonder, ‘Hey, wait a minute; this is about me!’” Gordon admits. “Although, part of the charm of her songs is that it’s easy for anyone to hear messages and think that they’re meant for them.”

But resist the urge to label the Secrets of the Sea a “relationship” album.  While many of the 11 tracks could detail tumultuous relationships, the prevailing theme on the disc is the anxiety one feels during times of uncertainty.   

Kylee and Anthony along with Christopher Lautz (drums/vocals), Earl Otsuka (guitar) and Ryan Manley (keyboards) worked with producers the Rondo Brothers (Dan the Automator, Prince Paul) to infuse Secrets of the Sea with a dreamy, sun-kissed vibe.  Justin Lieberman (New Order, The Matches) and Bernie Grundman (Michael Jackson, Prince) were brought in for mixing and mastering, respectively.  Their contributions and a soon-to-be-released remix provided by Zion-I’s Amplive give Secrets of the Sea a romantic yet restless, plaintive yet aggressive tone, a la the Cardigans, The Sundays or Travis.

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Track listing as follows:
1. Harder Hit
2. Who Can Even Remember?
3. Sit Sideways
4. Big Key, Little Door
5. Comedown’s Worse
6. These Kinds of Friends
7. Go Hibernate
8. Clearly Now...
9. In My Sleep
10. Shaky Like the Flu
11. Spiral Stairs or Escalators