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Series Two Records Press Kit

posted Jul 24, 2008, 1:18 PM by Vu Nguyen
From Series Two

Series Two Records is a CDR label based in Columbus, Nebraska. Series Two started officially on February 21, 2006 (although the idea for the label came in March of 2002 when Christopher received from his uncle CDs of Omaha bands Desaparecidos and The Faint) and currently works with promoting bands through the Myspace page ;through college radio in USA and Canada; through a variety of mp3 blogs; for review on websites in USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America; through a variety of international radio stations across Europe, Asia, Latin America, Scandinavia;

Series Two Records works with releasing some of the best Swedish indie pop and shoegaze bands as well as music from USA, UK, Germany, China, Costa Rica, Australia, Norway, Japan and Russia.

Indie Pages "Making good on their promise to bring a number of fine Swedish bedroom pop bands to America..."   “The great thing about Indiepop is how global it is - I love how a small bedroom-pop band from the middle of Sweden can have its music released on a small bedroom-pop label in the middle of America.”    “This new label from Nebraska has plans to release lots more Swedish pop.”

BiBaBiDi “I've never even heard of Columbus, Nebraska, but the small record label, Series Two Records, is clearly the best thing to hit the teeny city... Series Two brought us the wonderful Suburban Kids With Biblical Names related project, SpringFactory -- remember them? … now they've dropped a new one on us: Tafra.”

FensePost “Songs like this give Springfactory’s self-titled debut the style and feel cherished by indiepop fans worldwide. And it’s releases like this that puts Series II at the forefront of current cutting edge indiepop."

RetroLowFi “Springfactory is the baby of Peter Gunnarson (of Suburban Kids With Biblical Names) and Lina Cullemark (of The Big Picture). The group released a few EPs that evidently went over exceedingly well. Now, a super-cool CD-R label in Nebraska called Series Two Records is releasing the band’s debut full-length.”

The Lemur Blog “Series Two Records seem to have an affection for Swedish indie pop, twee and shoegaze.”

Collective Common “Series Two Records is based in Nebraska, the music capital of the world.”

Current Releases

Springfactory (features Peter Gunnarson from Suburban Kids With Biblical Names)

Oh! Custer (incredible shoegaze from Sweden will be making their USA live debut at NYC Popfest)

Tafra (features Niklas Tafra known for his appearance on Suburban Kids With Biblical Names “#3” album)

Robert Church and the Holy Community (known for their Cloudberry Records single and upcoming vinyl release)

The Odd Fiddler (Stockholm singer/songwriter now based in London)

Bakers at Dawn (Malmo singer/songwriter)

Thehelpmeplease (Stockholm singer/songwriter)

Flannel (indie pop  artist from Japan)

The Pristines (shoegaze from UK)

Back In Judy’s Shack (tiny 2 member pop band from Sweden)

Lonely Boy (features Hefner drummer Antony Harding also known as “Ant” along with a Norwegian Poet)

Peace In Our Time (singer/ songwriter from Sweden)

Klas (a very interesting singer/songwriter from Malmo, Sweden)

Series Two Records compilation Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4 and Volume 5 is close to being sold out. If you still want to order this e-mail me here seriestworecords[a] and I’ll let you know if it’s still available and of the cost. Full track list available in the blog here

Series Two Records compilation Volume 6, Volume 7, Volume 8 and Volume 9 is available for order. Was released on July 8 and features 98 different artists from 15 different states in the USA, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom,France, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Costa Rica, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Peru, Spain, Malaysia, Latvia, Mexico, Philippines, Japan, and Russia.

Future Releases from:

Anthony Rochester, Alta Costura  Big Strong Union, Malkovic, The Big Picture, Charlie Big Time, Jap Adaptors, Electric Needle Room, Silent Man, The Petter Luring Story, Wichita Address, The month of june, Stoliday, Desmond Reed, Local Heroes, Blackberry Wine, Sweet Sweet Concorde, Television Keeps Us Apart, Broken Down Lorry, The Mother Z’s, Le Man Avec Les Lunettes and more to come.