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posted Jul 23, 2008, 9:52 AM by Vu Nguyen
From Girlie Action

Sonya Kitchell
This Storm
(September 2; Decca/Velour)
With a voice that's equal parts smoke and honey, 16-year-old singer/songwriter Sonya Kitchell instantly transports you to her after-hours world of jazz and soul. Press play after a long day, and feel the stress slip from your shoulders.” Marie Claire, 2006

Imagine the sonic equivalent of seeing your older sister’s best friend again after she went away to college for a few years. As beautiful and poised as she was before, you simply can’t believe the cute teenager you once knew has turned into such a smart and sexy adult. This Storm, the strikingly confident second album from singer, guitarist, and songwriter Sonya Kitchell, is an immediate and visceral album, dealing with serious issues and reflecting such remarkable growth that you can barely believe it’s the same artist.

Kitchell's debut, Words Came Back To Me, recorded when she was only 15, shot her to national and international attention. People raved that Kitchell has "a knock out voice that alternately evokes the smokiness of Norah Jones, the soulfulness of Joss Stone and the ethereal sweetness of Sarah McLachlan," adding that "Kitchell is destined for great things."

And she was: her debut went on to sell almost 100,000 copies and led to major exposure on “Late Night With David Letterman”, “Craig Ferguson”, CNN, and NPR's “All Things Considered”, in addition to generally rave reviews from the music press.

Among the many recent highlights, perhaps the most unexpected development has been the ongoing creative partnership between Kitchell and jazz legend Herbie Hancock. The two have performed together extensively, both on tour (one joint tour is wrapped and another is slated to kick off this summer) and on television, including a breakout performance on the acclaimed "Live From Abby Road." They also collaborated on a bonus track for 2007's Album of the Year Grammy recipient, the Hancock-helmed Joni Mitchell tribute The Joni Letters.

Kitchell’s new CD, scheduled for release this fall as part of a joint venture between Decca/Universal and Velour Music Group, touches on war, loss, and solitude in tracks like "Soldier's Lament," "Robin in the Snow," and "Walk Away." Recorded with Grammy Award-winning producer Malcolm Burn (Daniel Lanois, Peter Gabriel, Emmylou Harris), the album is a perfect showcase for the artist’s prodigious talent and stunning voice.
Kitchell will be on tour this summer with Herbie Hancock singing songs from The Joni Letters,
and will headline her own national tour in the fall.