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The Boys From Boston Are Back Again With A Searing Summer Soundtrack “Long Weekend”

posted Jul 23, 2008, 7:06 AM by Vu Nguyen
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The Boys From Boston Are Back Again With A Searing Summer Soundtrack “Long Weekend

Check out their HYSTERICAL video for “Where She Was on Monday”

Wasting No Time At All, Following Hot On The Heels Of Last Year's Much Loved Gem Pulling Out Just Enough To Win, The Boys Of TAB Headed Back To Their Home Studio To Craft Another Of Their Rough And Tumble Rock Records

Power Trio TAB The Band Release Their Second Album, The Self-Produced Long Weekend, on North Street Records
Opening Dates With Stone Temple Pilots And Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Tour Dates Below!

These Guys Have Also Proven Their Love For Vinyl And Their R&R Predecessors In A Blindfolded Vinyl vs CD Test.
Read About It In The Boston Herald

Tab the Band may not be the biggest thing yet, but their blend of retro styles in the linking of harder classic rock with earlier strains of folk rock will have listeners keeping “Long Weekend” in their players or on their iPods through the autumn and into the winter. So, if this sounds down your alley at all, make sure to pick up a copy of “Long Weekend” when it is released on 8/12, and make it a point to go and see Tab the Band live when they make it to your neighborhood.

Losing Today:
This Boston trio's debut album is a rock and roll throwback to decadent early 1970's bands like The NY Dolls, Alice Cooper and Aerosmith (full disclosure: 2/3 of the band are Joe Perry's children, and I'd bet Steven Tyler has given them some vocal pointers), but played at faster and more aggresive tempos that could only be learned from repeat spins of early Clash, Sex Pistols and Ramones records. The Stones get a few nods too on TAB's slower numbers like "Where She Was On Monday" and the album's best song "I Know That You're Leaving", a ballad that features the group's most affecting lyrics and an economical runtime of 2:17. For some reason, bands these days just don't ever let it rip like these guys do on "Heavy Idea" or "Looking Pretty, Pretty" which fuses a 60's spy-movie guitar riff to a 70's hard-rock groove. Many of today's bands could also learn something from Long Weekend's brief runtime - 10 songs in 30 minutes - which helps make it the perfect kick in the pants for an increasingly tame and precious rock scene.

Tab released their first single, “Where She was On Monday,” on July 1st. It was an exclusive on homepage and is now available at all digital retailers.

It sounds like a real band using real instruments recorded in an organic way. On this second release, the guys stretched the spectrum, some songs heavier and some more poppy.

The album's theme is about a girl living in the ritzy outskirts of a big city, messing around with her absentee parents' rich friends, taking trips to the city on her own and living dangerously. The songs take on the perspectives of her, her middle-aged wealthy suitors, and the 'good guy' at her school who laments over her dalliances. Ultimately, it doesn't work out and she finds herself, once again, in the hands of another ne'er-do-well mid-life crisis fellow.

Recorded at the Boneyard in Duxbury, MA, Long Weekend was written, recorded, produced and engineered by brothers Adrian and Tony Perry.  The boys also helped mix the album with Kevin Ennis (who also mixed "Pulling Out Just Enough To Win").

Press Love for Tab the Band
Rolling Stone gives debut Pulling Out Just Enough To Win three and a half stars
"...they play bluesy, sleazy, guitar Boston power trio proudly schooled in the past..."

NY Metro-
"Old school bar rock that on its own should win over more than a few jaded listeners"

"Be sure to put this little gem on your TAB....This is crazy beautiful driving music. Play it in the car with all the windows down, and watch out for jealous stares"

Jersey Beat
"This has to be one of the hardest, ferocious garage rock records ever: nothing but growl and strum, surging with assembly-line force!"

"This band rawks"

“Holy Bon Scott on a buttermilk biscuit! This is rib-stickin' rock 'n' roll, slathered with hoochie coo and topped with the cherry from some willing band-aid (thanks, Ms. Penny Lane). TAB the band strips things down to their unmentionables and then proceeds to mention them in dirty, funky songs with irresistible choruses like "I drown every time I hear that sound!" The trio of Adrian Perry (vocals, bass), Tony Perry (guitar) and Ben Tileston (drums) moves with just enough sophistication to be dangerous. A bit more "classic rock" than say Rose Hill Drive or Wolfmother, TAB has the jittery bark of the New York Dolls and Toys In The Attic-era Aerosmith, which is fitting given that Joe Perry is Tony and Adrian's dad. But there's no need for nepotism here.

Boston Music Spotlight-
"Do yourself a favor and check out Pulling Out Just Enough to Win. Garage rock hasn't sounded this effortlessly classic in years."

Worcester Telegraph-
"'Pulling Out Just Enough to Win,' an album of rousing power-trio rock"

Boston Phoenix-
"Pulling Out Just Enough To Win rocks...."

Tour Dates:
August 15th- Plymouth Memorial Hall, Plyouth, MA
August 17th- Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (Opening for Stone Temple Pilots and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) - Charlotte, North Carolina
August 19th- UCF Arena (Opening for Stone Temple Pilots and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)- Orlando, Florida
August 22nd- Ford Amphitheatre (Opening for Stone Temple Pilots and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) - Tampa, Florida
August 23rd-  Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (Opening for Stone Temple Pilots and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) - Alpharetta, Georgia
August 28th- Mercury Lounge, NY, NY
Sept 13th- Great Scott - Boston, Massachusetts