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A special note from Noah and the Whale

posted Sep 10, 2008, 5:02 PM by Vu Nguyen
From Sneak Attack
Noah and the Whale:
Coming To America

Contrary to popular historical belief, 500 years before the celebrated senor Columbus, the first Western explorer to reach the rich and fertile soils of mainland America was a Norse Icelander called Leif. Son of that indomitably irascible viking Erik The Red. Contrary to popular musical belief, Noah and the Whale have in fact already embarked on their own untrumpeted pioneering adventure to the United States.

That exciting, eye-opening but excessively brief excursion to Austin in March does seem like 500 years ago. In musical terms, Noah and the Whale may not have brought colonialism to the New World, or indeed syphilis to the Old World, but much water has passed under the proverbial bridge in the last 6 months. Surprised, baffled but not a little heartened by the abstract pleasure of watching the band’s name climb a list of other bands’ names. Thrilled, disconcerted but not a little satisfied by the collective vista of six thousand beaming strangers in a large purple tent in the outer reaches of East Anglia. Noah and the Whale are now ready, willing and, it has been formally demonstrated, able to make their Columbus journey to America, what they hope will be the fêted, chronicled, heralded voyage that will echo in the annals and high school exercise books. It is important to emphasize however that Noah and the Whale feel at best ambivalent about the daring but undoubtedly crass imperialism of 15th century Spain. A position they have no intention of emulating musically. Nonetheless, Urby Whale has expressed a fortitude of purpose regarding his evangelical street yoga that has surprised even himself. And this is a man who makes regular attempts to surprise himself, both on and off the yoga mat.

Despite delays and one very disappointing cancellation, Noah and the Whale have been resolute in their determination for the musical devotees of the fields and farms, suburbs and skyscrapers of North America to see the band. Thank you to everyone over the Atlantic for your patience, your unflagging enthusiasm and support, and your miscellaneous promises of guided tours, exotic cookies and a small horse. The band have no intention of disappointing on what will be their grandest adventure to date.

The exact details of the American tour are on the MySpace and the band website. Proceedings get under way in New York on September 16th (U.S. album release) and round up in Los Angeles in the first week of October. There will be a mixture of free shows, a couple of underage gigs and instore performances, not to mention a Detour to a Californian festival. Please do keep checking the website for any updates which are likely to materialize over the next month. And remember too that this is just the beginning.


Check out "5 Years Time (Sun Sun Sun)"
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September 16- Union Pool- Brooklyn, NY
September 18- Sidewalk Cafe- New York, NY
September 19- Virgin Union Square (12:30 PM)- New York, NY**
September 19- Mercury Lounge- New York, NY
September 20- TOAD- Boston, MA**
September 22- The Saints- Montreal**
September 23- Horseshoe Tavern- Toronto, ONT**
September 25- Av-Aerie (ALL AGES)- Chicago, IL
September 26- Reckless Records (6 PM)- Chicago, IL**
September 26- Empty Bottle- Chicago, IL
September 29- Chop Suey- Seattle, WA**
September 30- Doug Fir Lounge- Portland, OR**
October 02- Amoeba Music (6PM)- San Francisco, CA**
October 02- Pop Scene @ 330 Ritch- San Francisco, CA
October 04- Detour Festival- Los Angeles, CA
October 06- Spaceland- Los Angeles, CA**


**notes a FREE show!
BOLD notes a recently added date!

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