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AMAZING BABY To Release Debut Album This June!

posted Apr 30, 2009, 11:12 AM by Vu Nguyen
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(Shangri-La Music; June 23rd, 2009)



“…full-bodied psych-pop…” – Nylon, April 2009


“Amazing Baby…represent a sort of Not New York group of inside-outsiders who embrace the rejection of the city…Amazing Baby’s Infinite Fucking Cross EP and the album they’re recording are psychedelic and spacey, but they’re also bulky, acerbic…” – The Fader, Jan/Feb 2009




It’s hard to describe Brooklyn’s Amazing Baby without using the word “amazing,” because ultimately, that’s what they are.  A five-piece whose sum parts equal a very incredible whole, Amazing Baby have created an album that dazzles and surprises, destined to find a place on your shelf nestled amongst your favorite records.  The album is titled Rewild, and to call it amazing seems a bit redundant, but upon one listen, you’d be hard-pressed not to agree. 

Amazing Baby has quickly become one of New York City’s most talked-about new bands, thanks to their free, self-released EP, The Infinite Fucking Cross.  Recorded in their bedrooms, the EP showed tremendous promise, containing the sort of dizzying rock songs that sound soaked in the California sun before being cranked through the filter of New York City’s urban sprawl.  Roan and O’Connor, who met during a two week stint at a ringtone company, knew they were on to something, and quickly assembled the talents of guitarist Rob Laakso, bassist Don Devore and drummer Matt Abeysekera.  Shows in the U.S., U.K., and Europe followed, and suddenly, Amazing Baby had become a fierce live band whose transcendent energy and ability to rip into one hell of a guitar solo quickly won them fans around the world.  And this was before they had recorded a proper debut album. 

Now that record is here, and it brilliantly delivers on the promise showed by their EP.  Rewild marries the subtleties of so many influences – The Who, Elvis Costello, Black Sabbath, The Stone Roses, Frank Zappa, the Happy Mondays, among them – and boils them down into one head-turning slice of rock and roll exuberance.  Produced by the band and their engineer Claudius Mittendorfer, with additional production prowess by John Hill (Santigold), Rewild is the product of love and sustaining the loss of it, a car crash, a fourteen-piece orchestra, and the desire to make sense of – or escape – the band’s surroundings.  Spanning everything from the depths metal to the high sighs of glam rock to the perfect melodies of sugary pop, Rewild exudes both a primal energy and precisely-honed choruses.  From the opening orchestral attack of “Bayonets” to the sun-filled, dub-step shimmer of “Roverfrenz,” to the stomp and strut of “Kankra” and the epic gauze of “The Narwahl,” Rewild is one of the most striking debuts of 2009.