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Amnesty International UK TV - Episode 2 Arrives. Watch the Obama v's Cassette Boy & Misery Bear Pieces

posted Aug 5, 2011, 9:02 PM by Vu Nguyen

Amnesty International UK announce the launch of Amnesty TV  

TV That Thinks! – Episode 2 now live

Cassette Boy, Misery Bear and How To Write A Dictator’s Speech

Tune into Episode 2 of Amnesty TV at

To coincide with the 50th anniversary of the world’s biggest human rights organisation, Amnesty International UK has launched Amnesty TV, a new video magazine show that mixes satirical comedy, campaign stunts, short documentaries, outspoken opinion and real news around global human rights campaigns.

Produced by the people who made News Wipe, Starsuckers and the Inbetweeners, episode 2 of Amnesty TV went live at 09.00am on Friday 29th July at

Episode 2 highlights include:

  • Misery Bear – specially filmed torture story from the popular

Misery Bear team. Misery Bear have just written a new Sky 1 sitcom and their Misery Bear/Kate Moss special was one of the best viewed segments of Comic Relief 2011 online.

  • Robert Thompson – regular animated cartoon from legendary

cartoonist of Private Eye, Financial Times, Telegraph and The Spectator.

  • How To Write A Defiant Dictator’s Speech – satirical clip

package that deconstructs the wildly eccentric 3 hour monologues that dictators like to give during moments of crisis.

  • Cassette Boy: Obama Speech – notorious internet film maker

Cassette Boy, famous for re-editing The Apprentice and Dragon’s Den, re-imagines an Obama speech on torture and Guantanamo.

The Amnesty TV creative team includes established writers, film makers and digital artists including: Mike Bradley former producer/director at Charlie Brooker’s  ‘News Wipe’ and ‘Screen Wipe’; Iain Morris co-creator of the Inbetweeners; Neil Boorman former magazine  editor, columnist and author and creator of C4 show ‘Shoreditch Tw*t’; comic-strip creators Modern Toss; Chris Atkins writer/director of ‘Taking Liberties’ and ‘Starsuckers’; cartoonist Robert Thompson; writer/director duo Misery Bear and internationally renowned illustrator and designer Anthony Burrill providing the graphics.

Amnesty TV is produced by a new in-house team of creative writers, film makers and digital artists who will work in collaboration with Amnesty’s high profile supporters, including Ralph Fiennes, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and Vanessa Redgrave. The fortnightly shows will combine the urgency of Banksy, the ingenuity of the Yes Men and the wit of Eddie Izzard to inform, educate, mobilise and campaign on human rights.  The Amnesty TV creative team includes:

  • Mike Bradley – Producer/Director: former producer/director at Charlie Brooker’s Zeppotron, he produced ‘News Wipe’ and ‘Screen Wipe’ among other shows.

  • Neil Boorman – Editor: former magazine editor and columnist and author of ‘Bonfire Of The Brands’. His Channel 4 show ‘Shoreditch Tw*t’ won a Montreaux Comedy Award.

  • Jess Bendien – Talent: Guest Booker at Never Mind The Buzzocks, producer and talent booker for Comic Relief.

  • Iain Morris – Writer: former commissioning editor at C4 and co-creator of the Inbetweeners.

  • Modern Toss: Mick and Jon write and illustrate their infamous Modern Toss comic strips for The Guardian and Private Eye.

  • Heydon Prowse (Don’t Panic): investigative journalist and stunt filmmaker who sparked the Alan Duncan expenses scandal (2010). He is editor of online magazine Don’t Panic.

  • Chris Atkins: Writer/Director of ‘Taking Liberties’ and ‘Starsuckers’, investigative feature films that explore the abuse of political privilege and journalistic power in British society.

  • Robert Thompson: cartoonist and a comic institution in the UK. His strips appear regularly in Private Eye, The Spectator, The Times, The Telegraph and The Independent.

  • Nat Saunders and Chris Heywood (Misery Bear): writer/director duo for Smack The Pony, Big Train and creators of online series and YouTube favourite, ‘Misery Bear’.

  • Anthony Burrill: internationally renowned illustrator and designer, installation artist and curator working across a range of media, including posters, moving image and 3-D work.

Speaking on the innovation, Amnesty International UK’s Head of Brand and Events, Andy Hackman, said: “Amnesty International’s aim is to connect people and unite them behind a common belief that people coming together can effect real, tangible change. We believe that Amnesty TV's combination of entertaining content and inspiring stories will help us engage and mobilise a new generation of supporters.”

Amnesty TV will produce around 30 minutes of core AV content per month, with a different theme each episode, which will exist in different lengths and formats to allow multiple platform distribution.

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