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Ancient Astronauts Debut 'We Are To Answer' This Tuesday, June 9th

posted Jun 5, 2009, 2:46 PM by Vu Nguyen
Cosmic Beat Explorers Ancient Astronauts Return to Earth this Tuesday, June 9th
ESL Music to release duo's debut full-length 'We Are To Answer' !
Grab the massive singles, their exclusive mix, and a mini doc below!

"a refreshing, genre defying, cross pollinating masterpiece"- Pathaan (BBC/Worldwide)

"the production duo has taken their Western European culture and fused it with nearly every musical aspect the world has to offer, with an emphasis clealy on Hip Hop. As such, the duo treats their debut album with a collage of sounds punctuated by their drive to create something new." - Hip Hop DX

"The album is a beautiful slice of hip hop ingredients, dub-tinged spices and jazz chili sauces, all blended into a heady stew of breakbeat wonderfulness. The instrumental tracks will take you back to the halcyon days of Mo Wax and Ninja Tune world dominance." - Lost In A Supermarket

This Tuesday, June 9th, ESL Records will be dropping the Ancient Astronauts intergalactic masterpiece and debut full length 'We Are To Answer'. Marking a foray into new territory for ESL, 'We Are To Answer' drifts back to an epic era of experimentation within the world of hip-hop production. A time when melody laced the beat, and tracks were journeys into the listeners subconscious. It was the Mo'Wax era, the Grand Royal era, a moment in musical history where worlds were audibly colliding on the turntables, headphones, and MPC 2000's of every bedroom producer and hip-hop head around the world.

Having already built a huge following with their remixes for Fort Knox Five, Up Bustle & Out, Ladybug Mecca of Digiable Planets, Zion I, and Dr. Rubberfunk, the duo has spent the last year putting their cosmic production skills to use crafting their genre splicing debut, 'We Are To Answer'. Featuring vocal collaborations with Bootie Brown and Imani of legendary hip hop group the Pharcyde, Azeem, Tippa Irie, Bajka, Phat Old Mamas, Ulf Stricker, Raashan Ahmad and Entropik, 'We Are To Answer' finds the production duo of Kabanjak and Dogu resting comfortably next to their influences, as opposed to following them.

Upon their return to Earth, Kabanjak and Dogu quickly set up a terrestrial sound studio, a record label (Switchstance Recordings), and a successful production, remixing, and DJ career dropping sound bombs all over the world. Just as their name, "Ancient Astronauts" implies a mash-up of the distant past and the far future, the tracks on the album exhibit a melding of massive atmospheric planetary beats with forward-thinking flair and production technique. The end result is a stunning debut, a genre re-defining album.

Watch The Mini Documentary on Ancient Astronauts and Their Switchstance Records Collective Here!

Track List

1. From The Sky
2. I Came Running
3. Classic (w/ The Pharcyde)
4. Dark Green Rod (w/ Ulf Stricker)
5. A Hole To Swallow Us (w/ Phat Old Mamas)
6. Risin' High (w/ Raashan Ahmad)
7. Lost in Marrakesh (w/ Entropik)
8. All of the Things You Do (w/ Tippa Irie)
9. Everybody
10. Seventh Planet Skit
11. Oblivion (w/ Azeem & DJ Zeph)
12. Surfing the Silvatide (w/ Bajka)
13. Crescent Moon

Ian Orth
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