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Anna Rose

posted Dec 11, 2009, 1:14 PM by Vu Nguyen

ANNA ROSE was born in Manhattan, raised upstate, and returned to New York after several years living in Los Angeles. She is the daughter of Tony nominee/Grammy & Oscar winning composer Alan Menken. Anna Rose's songs concentrate on contrasts between people, places, emotions, and several thousand other things in ways that are as carefully considered as they sound completely organic.  She bases her music in the classic rock of '60s and '70s California yet re-routes it into new explorations all her own.

Her self titled EP was released on September 29th of this year.  Five songs on the EP were taken from her forthcoming (2010) full-length CD titled 'Nomad."  Produced by William (Billy) Sullivan and Anna Rose, it was recorded in New York and makes a singular impression of a female singer-songwriter imagining with fresh new verve the great rock and roll tradition of high craft and liberated spirit.

Please see below for some amazing press mentions on Anna!

***Upcoming tour dates: January 22 @ The Bitter End at 10pm & March 9th @ Rockwood Music Hall at 8pm.




Jay S. Jacobs on Anna’s self-titled EP

“Her debut EP has lots of wise-beyond-her age influences shining through. Rose is effortlessly able to create songs that feel like you have known them for years and at the same time feel totally new. The five-song sampler has some terrific modern folk rock, from the mid-tempo driving acoustic opener "Four Corners" to the complexly dark ballad "Picture" to the soft beauty of "Wilshire Blvd."


Robert Engelman on Anna’s self-titled EP

“A little Joni Mitchell, a little bit Heart, while changing speeds…Easy to listen to, and catchy enough to put back in the machine for another go around.  If she comes around, she’s worth catching.  After all, her idol is Jimi Hendrix.  That in itself should tell you something!”


Alycia Abreu calls Anna Rose: Another Budding Flower

“…Anna Rose has the perfect mix of sour and sweet.”


“Anna Rose Menken, at age 24, has a powerful and emotive singing voice and some very legitimate writing chops. It’s tough for guitar-strumming singer/songwriters to emerge from a very crowded back, yet Anna Rose has the goods to do so.”


“The 5-track EP reveals Anna Rose as an artist equally intuitive and proficient, imparting elements of classic-rock influence—like the slow, thick riff that anchors “Picture,” and the Winwood-esque organ refrain running through “Wilshire Blvd.”—along with contemporary folk and pop distinctions. It’s a promising work that not only serves as an introduction of sorts, but also as a preview of her upcoming full-length album, Nomad.”



“Judging from her music, guitarist and singer Anna Rose has a lot to say. First introduced to the guitar at age 5, she is now wowing audiences with her solid voice and musical skill.”


“Anna Rose sings this bluesy-country rock that is so rich and lush. Her voice is young and sharp and she clips the ends of her words with just the right amount of twang.”

“…she sings of light hearted lyrics while strumming along to groovy bohemian beats.”



 "If you ask me who I would like to look like on stage," says Anna Rose, who has long blond hair and blue eyes, "it would be Jim Morrison."


You can also listen to Anna Rose here: