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Ariel Newsletter #102

posted Jul 22, 2009, 11:50 AM by Vu Nguyen

July 22, 2009

Newsletter #102

Hello from Ariel!

In This Week's Issue:

  4. New Media Pioneer: Lee Widener of Never Ending Wonder Radio


Monika Jalili - Salt Lake City, UT
Genre: World, Fusion, Iranian

30 years ago, in 1979, the Iranian revolution put an effective stop to the artistic lives of a great number of poets, composers, and singers in Iran. We will never know what could have been.

Iran is again poised for change.

Why you should pay attention: Since a serendipitous introduction in 2003, American/Dutch vocalist, Monika Jalili has worked tirelessly to revive the touching works of these Iranian artists, some of whom are no longer with us, and most of whom have lived the past 30 years into their old age unable to express themselves as they once could. It is their songs that Monika sings with passion, appreciation, care and love. Monika Jalili brings to life the rich history of Iranian culture through its music and poetry.


"Arc of The Sun (Live)" by Assembly of Dust
Genre: SingerSongwriter, Rock, AltCountry, Roots, Jam Band

“I feel like my brain is vibrating all day long,” says Reid Genauer, the singer/songwriter behind Assembly of Dust, discussing the band’s new album – Some Assembly Required. “It’s hard to sleep, I’m so excited. I feel like Lex Luthor, or the Mike Myers character, Dr. Evil. I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs, dreaming up this demonic scheme, getting ready to release this germ on to the world.”


Featured Blog:
Voices To Hear
The purpose of this site is not to slam any big time musicians, we stand behind our love of some big name stars for no one, but to highlight some great but relativity unknown artists. To make it in the music business is hard work with no little amount of luck. We're trying to do our small bit to help with that luck.

Featured Podcast:
Grizzly's Growls Presents
Three different podcasts, plus two live shows on BlogTalkRadio, one of which (The IDSL) is focused on Independent musicians from Minnesota in particular.


Featured Station:
Indie Lady A - WSF Radio
They support signed and unsigned independent artists by playing their music every week. Indies want to be heard and recognized, and they are here to do just that for the indie artist.

New Media Pioneer
Lee Widener of Never Ending Wonder Radio

Network of four internet streaming webcast radio stations, archive of album and CD cover artwork, original Weirdsville cartoon art, cosmic collage. An online library of fiction, poetry, artwork, drama, resources on the arts. Free music mp3 downloads. NeverEndingWonder Radio is a "freeform" internet radio station.

Q: How much time do you spend listening to a song before turning it off?  What grabs your attention and makes you take a closer look?

Not long, honestly. When I'm listening to a new artist who wants to be on NeverEndingWonder Radio I'll listen to a song for maybe 45 seconds. If it doesn't grab me right away, I'm on to the next one. I'll usually check out four or five songs by the same artist if the first one doesn't grab me. What I'm looking for is something I haven't heard before. I want to be surprised. Take me somewhere I've never been before. A unique turn of phrase will get me listening. KaiserCartel caught me with their quirky songwriting. I/OI got me with their all-out experimental approach.

Q: If you could be star musician in any genre, which would it be and why?

Well, if you can call "comedy" a genre it would be that. From my childhood to today my favorite artists are the ones that can make me laugh. There's enough drama in the world, right? Let's bring some joy to people. When I was young the classic artists were Spike Jones, Allan Sherman, Stan Freburg, Dickie Goodman and The Chipmunks. A little later there was Frank Zappa, Ogden Edsl, Da Yoopers, Bananas at Large and The Bonzo Dog Band.

More recently we've had Weird Al, Bob Rivers and Stephen Lynch. These people make life bearable. Running NeverEndingWonder Radio I've come across a lot of funny musicians- from internet superstars like Three Dead
Troll in a Baggie, Throwing Toasters, Arrogant Worms and Heywood Banks to new artists like Carla Ulbrich, Sheri Elf and The Mod-Est Lads. Being part of lightening the collective mood is something that's important and worthwhile. 

Q: First pick one of your favorite songs.  Now if you were forced to choose an artist in another genre to do a cover, who would it be and why?

Without a doubt one of the greatest songs ever written is George & Ira Gershwin's "Summertime." One of the measures of its greatness is how well it adapts to various genres. I've heard bebop versions, doo wop, straight folk interpretations, reggae, and a really stunning version in Swahili by Angelique Kidjo. Strange combinations is what NeverEndingWonder Radio is
all about. I would love to hear how Blue Cheer could have turned
Summertime into a power trio noisefest. Adam Lambert could do a cool version that would be unusual and interesting. Gnarls Barkley could do something unique and worthwhile with it as well. Sound crazy? Don't knock it if you haven't heard it.

Q: Using the Twitter format in 140 characters or less, how would you both describe and attract new readers/listeners to your site?

Looking for your favorite music? It isn't here. Discover a new musical adventure. Your mind, your soul and your heart will thank you.

Q: In a sea of innumerable sites, what makes yours unique?

We're the only internet radio station with an elf in a jar. He imbues our website and our station with a bit of magic you'll find nowhere else. It's a crazy, mixed-up approach that has no formula other than trying to introduce visitors to experiences they've never had, take them down a path they might not have known even existed and delight them with what they find there.




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Educating musicians is her passion and several times a year, she leads workshops teaching her strategy of combining social networking with Internet marketing to help clients grow larger fanbases and earn more money.

Her first book Music Success in Nine Weeks was released in June 2008. "Sound Advice," her bi-weekly ezine and Internet TV series currently reaches an audience of over 10,000 music professionals. She is a contributing blogger for Music Think Tank, and Know The Music Biz.

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