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Ariel Newsletter #71

posted Dec 3, 2008, 9:37 AM by Vu Nguyen
From Ariel

December 3 , 2008

Newsletter #71

Hello from Ariel!

In This Week's Issue:

  1. Not to LATE to Particpate! Cyber PR 2008 Holiday Fundraiser
  2. Where's Ariel?
  3. *New* Sound Advice Ezine - Delegating The Heavy Lifting: A Musicians Guide for Getting Help & Support
  7. New Media Pioneer: Andrea Guy of Mossip Blog

There is still time to participate in our Cyber PR 2008 Holiday Fundraiser!

This year we are sponsoring a holiday drive to encourage musicians, podcasters, bloggers, and Internet radio station programmers, to raise money for charities that benefit everyone and we would love your help.

If you feature our drive on your blog, podcast, or station we will feature you as a media sponsor on the campaign and I will feature you on our blog and in all of our newsletters, which go out to a total of 18,000 people. Looking forward to having you participate.

Click here for details:

All you have to do is add a mention or add a button to your blog and talk about us on your podcast or on your Internet radio station.

Please ask all of your artist friends to sign-up and /or ask your listeners to donate. You will also be qualified for our prizes if you would like to receive them. Let's make a difference this holiday season. Looking forward to helping achieve our holiday fundraiser goals with YOU!

Where's Ariel?

Home in NYC for the Holidays :)

After a lot of traveling this year I will be home catching up on cooking, nesting and family time. I already have tickets to see the Rockettes kick their impossibly long legs at Radio City Music Hall, I will ice skate in Rockefeller Center, and I'm going to catch all of the beautiful windows on Fifth Avenue, cause that's what living in New York is all about!

Sound Advice Ezine: Delegating The Heavy Lifting: A Musicians Guide for Getting Help & Support

I travel a lot to speak at music conferences and I see this all of the time: Musicians squirming in their seats as I present ideas on how to improve their marketing. The idea of having to do one more thing is just unbearable to them, and they literally begin to melt down in front of me.

One of my best friends is an artist - a dancer - and she literally takes to bed after she has to write a press release; it literally makes her sick.

You will NEVER achieve the success you want if you try to do it all alone and take on things that stop you dead in your tracks!

I can not stress this enough: You MUST learn to delegate, and get the stuff that makes you completely stressed out off of your plate.

Two issues are up for you right now from reading this:

  1. You can't afford to pay someone to help you
  2. You don't want to give up control and you feel a need to do it all yourself


Step 1: Figure Out What To Delegate

The first step in your journey is you need to figure out what you want to get off of your plate. Is your MySpace page hogging up too much time? Do you need help with PR & Marketing? Do you just need someone organized to help you file papers and organize your home office?

You can continue reading this article on my blog here:

I encourage all of you to please go to my blog and leave your feedback.


Doug Cash
Genre: Rock, Funk, Acoustic
Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Producer, Performer. 20 yrs on stage throughout northern and Southern California.

Miranda Vettrus
Genre: Pop, Indie
Miranda Vettrus grew up in an amusement park, makes horror movies with her younger sister, Mariah and writes Go Go's inspired songs at 3 in the morning. By the age of 5, Miranda had already jumped off a 100 foot crane thrill-ride dubbed the Sky-coaster dozens of times. She's written dozens of songs and continues to grow her catalog by the day.

Astronauts of Antiquity
Genre: Electronica, Lounge, Alternative, Pop
Astronauts of Antiquity = your mystery date. They entice you to leave behind limited conceptions of self and music. AoA invite you to celebrate life in a deeper sense. Everything else can wait. "Musically, they are a futuristic travelog that elucidates the past. India's hauntingly beautiful vocals spiral around B. Rhyan's timelessly inventive rhythms. Numerous passersby were so mesmerized by the sounds they heard through the open doorway, that they kept filing in and demanding to know 'Who is this band?' Believe me - this NEVER happens on the Bowery!" (Micheline - manager, CBGB's 313 Gallery, NYC).

Featured Artist Video:
"Seventeen at Three in the Morning" by Last November
Genre: Indie, Rock, Pop, Alternative, Indie Rock
Last November is a band that quickly exceeds expectations. They released their debut album, "All the Gory Details," with Atlanta's Southern Tracks Records, founded by the late, legendary music publisher Bill Lowery. For years, the Label has developed a solid reputation of discovering and developing new talent. The album is a compilation of honest, thought-provoking lyrics that echo passionately through the voice of lead singer Luke Pilgrim. Last November's 2nd album is being produced by Steven Haigler (Brand New, Fuel, Pixies, Oleander).


Featured Blog:

The Real Frequency
Raw underground Hip Hop from Toronto's best hip hop show.

Featured Podcast:
Podsafe Song of the Day
A podcast featuring the latest podsafe music, unreleased songs, and recordings from independent artists.


Featured Internet Radio Station:
Blockhead Radio
Blockhead Radio is Artisan for Artisan. They are a group of self representing artisans. On their show we discuss ways to promote, what the market is doing, guests, shameless plugs, blogging, music, general nonsense, and so much more. Tune in every Wednesday when they feature a new independent musician.

New Media Pioneer: Andrea Guy of Mossip Blog

Mossip is a community made by people who love music. We are here to provide you with Concert/Album Reviews, happenings in the music world and last but not least music gossip.

Q: How long have you been blogging?

A: The mossip blog is fairly new. We've only been up and running since July.

Q: In your opinion, what does a good song need to consist of?

A: A good song has to have a great lyric, a melody that's going to stick in your head and a good vocalist to sing it. The best song in the world will be ignored if the singer is terrible. Just as a great lyric can only take you so far if the music behind it is awful. Take The Beatles All You Need Is Love, which is a great example of a good song. Its got a simple yet great lyric with a message. The horn section in the chorus is what makes the song what it is. Then there's John's lead vocal. Combine all three of these and you have not just a great song, but pop perfection.

Q: What is your favorite band or favorite genre of music and why?

A: The favorite band question is a tricky one, I love so many. My top two artists right now are The Moody Blues and Elvis Costello. I love both of them because of their unique songwriting, even though the Moodies and Costello are about as different as night and day. You might guess that I'm a classic rock kinda girl. I always have been. It seems like the artists from 20 + years ago were the lucky ones. Technology and Mtv hadn't taken hold, so music was made by people that really cared about music, more so than image. You don't see many artists like Cass Elliot today. If you don't look like you could be on the cover of a magazine your chances of making it big diminish greatly.

Q: What changes in content laws, broadcasting rights, etc. have affected you most?

A: Thankfully there haven't been any that would touch us too much. Our site provides reviews of albums old and new, musical gossip and discussion of things going on in the music world.

Q: A recent study found blogs to be more effective than MySpace in generating album sales, do you feel blogs have that power?

A: Blogs are a bit more organized than MySpace, so I definitely can see that. Both have their pros and cons though. The main thing that can make a blog more attractive, is its not confined to being on just one server, like Myspace and that allows for better site design and the ability to add whatever content the webmaster allows. Let's face it, attractiveness is what draws people in. With blogs you have more ways of showing off your product, with Myspace you're limited to what Myspace will allow you to do.


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