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Ariel Newsletter #76

posted Jan 21, 2009, 12:01 PM by Vu Nguyen
From Ariel

January 21, 2009

Newsletter #76

Hello from Ariel!

In This Week's Issue:

  1. Wendy and Lisa of Prince Fame PODSAFE and available for INTERVIEWS!
  2. Where's Ariel?
  6. New Media Pioneer: Kevin Breuner of the CD Baby Podcast

Wendy and Lisa of Prince Fame PODSAFE and available for INTERVIEWS!

Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman, better known as the legendary duo Wendy and Lisa, have released their new album, White Flags of Winter Chimneys. It is available exclusively on their web site (with unreleased bonus tracks), to be followed with CD and Limited Edition vinyl releases, as well as being made available at iTunes, Amazon MP3, and other digital music stores in March 2009.

We have some awesome tracks for you that are PODSAFE and available for download right here!

We also have been contacted by a few podcasters and bloggers who had no idea that they are also AVAILABLE FOR INTERVIEWS!

Here is how you can interview any of them:

1. VIA EMAIL - Login - Select the band you want to interview and press the "interview this artist" link on the left hand side and you can choose questions from an extensive list or you can make up your own.

2. VIA PHONE - Login - Select the band you want to interview - "Setup a Phone Interview" link on the left hand side.

Where's Ariel? - My first seminar of 2009!

I am thrilled to announce that I will be co-hosting a seminar with the amazing Jody Gnat in Phoenix , AZ

What does music have to do with social media and community networking?

How can a songwriter or artist leverage social media for marketing success?

The landscape of the music world is changing. Whether you are writing, recording, or promoting, the Internet offers the opportunity for heavy-duty collaboration online. These tools, on their own, are seemingly insignificant but when used in conjunction with Internet marketing to create your own cyber-footprint, they have the potential to create great opportunity.

Social Media for Musicians Details:

Sunday January 25, 2009, 10 AM - 2PM Perfect Timing Entertainment-617 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85006

Details here:


Genre: Pop, R&B, Electronica

Christelle's voice is an unstoppable force that perfectly fits this incredibly determined young woman. The Las Vegas based, nineteen-year-old Pop/R&B artist has taken on countless challenges in her young life and career, and has successfully met every single one. Her hot new songs herald the arrival of this very special young artist, who lets nothing and no one get in her way.


Comandante Zero
Genre: Electronica, Funk, Experimental, Dance

Expert musicians can often get lost in their expertise, forgetting that the primary function of a great band is to get an audience off of its collective ass, inspiring them to lose themselves in the moment. Comandante Zero is comprised of two exceptional musicians, but they never lose their focus on the beat, the groove, and the transcendence that comes in the heat of being locked in and pounding in front of a rapturous audience.


Featured Artist Video:
"My Girlfriend" by Trey Green
Genre: Rock, Alternative, Comedy

Effortlessly cool and eternally whimsical, Trey Green embodies a series of irresolvable contradictions. He likes it that way. The Boston-based, globetrotting artist is impossible to pin down in any way, shape or form. At one moment incisive, at one moment hilarious and at other moments spouting foul humor, his inexplicably has had him create an unforgettable debut self-titled CD, a work that worms itself into the mind of the listener. You may be moved, amused or even appalled, but in a world of "shrug your shoulder" artists, Trey Green stands alone.


This week we wanted to feature and send a BIG thank you to those social media makers who participated in our Holiday Fundraiser and featured our Holiday Fundraiser artist music.

Featured Blog:
The Music City Muse
Reviews and interviews from Nashville and around the world.



Featured Podcast:
The Joel Gaines Show

Political News and Blogentary by a former US Army Sergeant. For about a year, Joel took to the airwaves as a contributor to a regional, weekend radio show. The experience of political radio really underscored the importance of debate about public policy and the insidious nature of those we battle to maintain our way of life. The Joel Gaines Show can be found on Blog talk Radio, for cellular listeners, iTunes and other major podcast directories.



Featured Internet Radio Station:
Christian Sunday Evenings On Indie Music Sampler

A show featuring great Christian Music starting at 9PM East/6PM West on Sundays!


New Media Pioneer: Kevin Breuner of the CD Baby Podcast

Kevin is a podcaster, blogger, and sync licensing agent.  He resides in Portland , OR where he developed and maintains the podcasting and sync licensing efforts for CD Baby.

Podcast -
Blog -
Twitter - kbreuner

Q: How long has the CD Baby Podcast been broadcasting?

A: Our first episode of the DIY Musician Podcast posted back in May 2007, so we have been podcasting for a year and a half.

Q: What do you try to acheive with each podcast? 

A: With each episode, I'm always asking myself, "What can artists learn from this episode.  Does this create discussion around topics that are really valuable to the indie music community?"  Those questions are bouncing around in my head from the beginning to the end of an episodes production.  I think with a podcast or blog, it's incredibly important to stick to the intended purpose, and because of that, there are interviews that were never released.  When it came down to it, they didn't serve the purpose we want to achieve with the podcast.  Ultimately, I hope that each episode continues to empower artists to take their music  career into their own hands and make some realistic steps forward.

Q: What is the main goal of the CD Baby Podcast?

A: My goal with the podcast was to create an "honest" straight forward resource that CD Baby artists and the indie music community at large could use to help move their career forward.  I always enjoy talking to other artists and musicians(I'm an artist as well!), and throughout  my time at CD Baby, I've talked to thousands of artist that are trying to breakthrough with their music.  What surprises me, is how many artists, both newbies and seasoned veterans alike, fall into the same traps over and over again.

Q: What changes in content laws, broadcasting rights, etc. have effected you most?

A: So far, podcasting has remained relatively untouched.  There are quite a few podcasts that play mainstream music (that has not been properly licensed), and I think we'll start seeing the major labels take an interest in cracking down on the usage of that content.  But the beauty of the podcast and the invention of the RSS feed, is that you can have direct access to people who are interested in what you are saying.  There is no gate keeper telling you what you can and can't do.

Q: A recent study found blogs to be more effective than MySpace in generating album sales, do you feel podcasts have that power?

A: I do, and I'm actually surprised that more bands aren't using podcasting to help promote their music.  We actually interviewed a band that released a podcast before they even had all their members.  The podcast chronicled their journey as they found the final member and wrote songs, recorded and so on.  It immediately caught the attention of the folks over in the iTunes podcast section, and the band's podcast received a front page feature before they had even played a show.  By the time they had all their members and started playing out, people were coming out wearing the bands t-shirts they were selling through their website.  The fans really felt a connection to the band.  I will say though, for a band to have a podcast that builds their fan base, it must have a couple key components. 1. It must have a point - It can't be people goofing off in front of a mic or telling inside jokes  2. It must draw the listener into the bands story - Save the shameless self promotion(They probably already are a fan) and give them the real you.  3. It has to be consistent - quite possibly the hardest part.  Nobody will be interested in it if you do one episode every couple months.  I'm actually in a new band here in Portland , and we have a podcast in the works.  We've spent so much time really trying to define what it will be and how it will work just to make sure that it becomes a part of what we do.  If we just made a random haphazard stab at it, it would be doomed from the beginning.



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