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Ariel Newsletter #87

posted Apr 8, 2009, 8:31 AM by Vu Nguyen
From Ariel

Newsletter #87

Hello from Ariel!

In This Week's Issue:

  5. New Media Pioneer: Adam Hinker of Ear Candy New York

Where's Ariel?

April 6 - 13 - Iceland

I am delighted to be going back to Iceland to teach a master class to a group of Iceland's premiere musicians.

I am currently coaching 27 bands and artists including the Icelandic Philharmonic through an 8-week Cyber PR webinar.  We are working together on a 360 web strategy to increase fanbases and profits.

April 23 - 25 - Icreate Music ASCAP Expo, Los Angeles, CA

ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO is the first and only national conference dedicated to songwriting and composing. Selling out in its inaugural year, the EXPO immediately provided a unique opportunity for songwriters, composers, publishers, producers - and those in the industry that support them - to come together in an unprecedented way to share their knowledge and expertise.

In its short history, the innovative programming offered to attendees has grown to include celebrity Q&A's, master classes, songwriting and composing workshops, publisher and business panels, One-on-One sessions, DIY career building workshops, showcases and performances, song feedback panels, state-of-the-art technology demos as well as leading music industry exhibitors.


Nicholas Howard – Queens, NY
Genre: Soul, R&B, Blues

Nicholas Howard's music, if you have to give it a label, might be called Urban Soul. Urban, because he's New York through and through, grew up in Queens. And Soul, because his music comes from that place where we all live, whether it's New York City or Podunk, Nowhere. His music is different from what you've heard before, and yet, because it comes from a soulful place, once you've heard his music, you'll recognize it as your music, too

Why you should pay attention: You are exclusively invited to Nicholas’s Album Release Party for “God Is In the City”

Tuesday April 21st

Drom, 85 Avenue A (b/w 5th & 6th),
New York, NY
(212) 777-1157


Stan Harrison
Pop, Jazz, World, Electronica, Classica

Stan Harrison has recorded and toured with some of the most outstanding people in the music business, including David Bowie, Radiohead, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Serge Gainsbourg, Duran Duran, Talking Heads and many others. Now, he is stepping out as a solo artist with a CD containing 10 of his original instrumental and vocal compostions, accompanied by artists such as Philip Bailey and Phoebe Snow.


Featured Blog:
Indie Music Stop

Website dedicated to Indie Music with CD reviews and more! Your music matters to us.



Featured Podcast:
The JayCast

Podcasting from The Jaycast House Milton Keynes UK, join Jay and escape to a world of fun, comedy banter, the “odd” guest and the best in new Podsafe music. “Its a Jaycast Podcast that’ll do”


Featured Internet Radio:
Middletown Station

Middletown station is your address for main stream music. Just lay down on your sofa and enjoy your evening off with bmac`s Middletown station.

New Media Pioneer: Adam Hinker of Ear Candy New York


An eclectic music and talk podcast that explores all genres of music, popular and not so popular culture.

Q:  How long have you been broadcasting/blogging?

A: We created Ear Candy about a year ago and recorded shows sporadically for the first nine months. It was just December that we started doing a weekly show.

Q:  In your opinion, what does a good song need to consist of?

A: In my opinion it has to have an edge or some very apparent emotion behind it. I don't necessarily think a song has to be cutting edge or innovative to be great (though it helps) as long as an artist shows skill in their craft and confidence in how they deliver it.

Q: What is your favorite band or favorite genre of music and why?

A: The genre I listen to the most is hip hop, it's an extremely raw form of expression considering the overhead is very minimal and  so much can be said in just sixteen bars of a hip hop verse. I grew up listening to hip hop and always liked it for superficial reasons but in the early nineties I discovered their were acts out there that wrote about things I could actually relate to and that's when I started getting ideas about producing music.

Q: What changes in content laws, broadcasting rights, etc. have effected you most?

A: With all of the podsafe music resources and the fact that most artists and labels are more than willing to let us play their music these types of changes haven't affected us much.

Q: A recent study found blogs to be more effective than MySpace in generating album sales, do you feel that that is a true statement?

A: Yes, I think there is a lot of random solicitation on myspace, however when someone blogs about an artist or album it's a form of reference for the reader who generally values the bloggers opinion. Blogging is a great form of promotion for artists and also gives music fans an opportunity to be a journalist, I think this drives sales in a way that making mix tapes used to but on a much larger scale.


Ariel Hyatt is the founder of Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR, a digital public relations firm that connects clients to the new media including blogs, podcasts, Internet radio stations and social networking sites. Over the past 13 years she has represented over 1,435 musicians and bands.

Educating musicians is her passion and several times a year, she leads workshops teaching her strategy of combining social networking with Internet marketing to help clients grow larger fanbases and earn more money.

Her first book Music Success in Nine Weeks was released in June 2008. "Sound Advice," her bi-weekly ezine and Internet TV series currently reaches an audience of over 10,000 music professionals. She is a contributing blogger for Music Think Tank, and Know The Music Biz.

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