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Ariel Newsletter #92

posted May 13, 2009, 11:35 AM by Vu Nguyen
From Ariel

May 13, 2009

Newsletter #92

Hello from Ariel!

In This Week's Issue:

  1. Where's Ariel?
  2. THIS WEEK'S FEATURED ARTIST - Tonye Christopher
  5. New Media Pioneer: Merton and Angela Beaudion of The Link Radio

Hi from Brooklyn!

A few months ago I launched a weekly YouTube video series and vodcast on iTunes called “Sound Advice.”

Sound Advice Series 1: Derek Sivers Shares His Best Marketing & PR Tips

The first 16 installments feature my dear friend Derek Sivers sharing his best marketing and PR nuggets with me.

Sound Advice Series 2: Making April: How To Sell 1,000 tracks a Week on iTunes

This incredible band figured out all on their own how to sell 1,000 singles a week on iTunes! I interviewed them extensively and they spilled the beans on how they did it – step by step. The first few installments of this series are up with many more to come.

Where's Ariel? Speaking In NYC - May 14

The first 5 to respond to with "Ariel Rocks" in the subject line will receive complimentary admission (a $40 value)


I will be on a panel for the National Association of Record Industry Professionals called  The Secrets of Online Music Marketing  with Eric de Fontenay, founder of MusicDish LLC - Artist Development & Lou Plaia, Founder/VP Music Industry Relations, ReverbNation.  The panel will take place at:

Fordham University at Lincoln Center 
113 W. 60th Street - South Lounge 
New York, NY 10023-7472

$35 for NARIP Members / $50 for Non-Members 

More details here:


Tonye Christopher – Dayton, OH
Genre: Pop, Rock, Urban

Why you should pay attention: Thematically the album topics are as conflicted as pop culture itself. In the song 'Kanye Komplex' Tonye playfully declares himself to be the new king of pop music, but the title track 'I Dreamt I Was A Rockstar' spells out his fears of getting to the top and discovering just how lonely it really is.

He thanks Timbaland and Justin Timberlake for making club anthems that get the ladies on the dance floor in 'Blow.' Three songs later in 'One Night At The Hilton' Tonye laments about the guilt and remorse associated with a one night stand.

Throughout the album he mentions infatuations with celebrities like Jennifer Anniston, Jessica Alba, and Scarlett Johansson. In the song 'Love Actually' he soulfully croons to women of the world “You're perfect just the way you are/You're way to pretty to dye your hair a Hollywood blonde.” These juxtapositions not only represent Tonye Christopher as an artist, but even more so as a human being.


"Crash Me Up" by Telling on Trixie
Genre: Pop, Rock, Powerpop

This is a video with a great story. In the same vein as their latest album, Ugly, Broke & Sober, Telling on Trixie depended on their fans to help create this imaginative music video for the song "Crash Me Up." The concept of fan participation is taken to its apex with this video; the band sent a ball around the world to cities from Brooklyn to Berlin and had them film themselves with it. The contributory nature of this video honors the way the album was made, by donations and participation of Telling on Trixie fans through the Band with a Plan program.

Fans participated from: New York City, Orlando, Berlin, London, San Diego, Los Angeles, Maui, Aruba, New Jersey, Connecticut, Denver, Indianapolis, Valparaiso, South Dakota, Minnesota, and many more!


Featured Blog:
Kibbles 'n' Bitch

From my doghouse to your terminal, I'm bringing you all the best in reviews, social commentary, and so much more.


Featured Podcast:
You Can't Make It Up

We produce the You Can't Make It Up podcast because mankind's capacity for committing incredible acts of stupidity is limitless. Help us clean the gene pool. Last one in is a monkey's uncle.

Featured Internet Radio:
Double Shot Radio

Double shots of independent artists, carefully selected and uninterrupted. Because you don’t care what I have to say, you just care what I have to play.

New Media Pioneer: Merton and Angela Beaudion of The Link Radio

A family friendly station with a wide blend ranging from Contemporary Christian to Christian Rock.

Q:  How long have you been broadcasting/blogging?

A:  All together my wife Angie and I (Merton) have been broadcasting for a year and 3 months. We started out as a mix station with Teen pop and Christian music mix but quickly realized that our listeners wanted more. So as we prayed about it we felt that God wanted us to go more toward the Adult Contemporary Christian direction.

So we have just let God take things over. As a result he has blessed this station in ways that we could never have done on our own.

Q:  In your opinion, what does a good song need to consist of?

A: Wow that is a real good question. First of all I feel that it starts out in the needs of the person. Some people feel that as long as it has a good beat the words mean nothing  and that is a great song. But to my opinion a good song is like a great restaurant. When you go out to eat at a fast food place you just remember the chain but not that specific restaurant. But when you eat at really good restaurant you leave full and happy.

It moves you  to want to come back. That is how I feel a good song should be. One that not only has a good beat but is composed of words that relax or even change your heart. One that fills you up and makes you want to come back for more. If it doesn't move you then it really isn't one that stays with you and you won't come back.

Q: What is your favorite band or favorite genre of music and why?

A: As far as Genre is concerned that is easy. I think that is why we are having no trouble programming this station. We both love Adult Contemporary Christian music and that makes it both easy and enjoyable to us. As for favorite bands/artist Michael W. Smith ranks way up there with me and Angie is a big fan of the Newsboys.

Q: What changes in content laws, broadcasting rights, etc. have affected you most?

A: The new laws have affected everything we do but I feel the worst area it is affecting us is in the area of special features. If you want to do a feature artist or a special show that involves multiple songs by the same artists, For instance; New artists intro show or even the countdown when it has multiple songs by the same artists in the countdown you have to put in fillers just to make it able to play.

Q: A recent study found blogs to be more effective than MySpace in generating album sales, do you feel that that is a true statement?

A: We are really new to this field. In fact we just now set up a website that has the option to blog on it.( We haven't set that part up yet but it will be real soon). But that actually makes sense though. It brings a more personal touch between the Band, Artist, etc ... and the person interested.


Ariel Hyatt is the founder of Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR, a digital public relations firm that connects clients to the new media including blogs, podcasts, Internet radio stations and social networking sites. Over the past 13 years she has represented over 1,435 musicians and bands.

Educating musicians is her passion and several times a year, she leads workshops teaching her strategy of combining social networking with Internet marketing to help clients grow larger fanbases and earn more money.

Her first book Music Success in Nine Weeks was released in June 2008. "Sound Advice," her bi-weekly ezine and Internet TV series currently reaches an audience of over 10,000 music professionals. She is a contributing blogger for Music Think Tank, and Know The Music Biz.

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