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Ariel Newsletter #97: Tons of Cyber PR Artists are Touring!

posted Jun 17, 2009, 8:09 AM by Vu Nguyen

June 17, 2009

Newsletter #97

Hello from Ariel!

In This Week's Issue:

  1. Tons of Cyber PR Artists are Touring!
  2. THIS WEEK'S FEATURED CLIENT - Icelandic Artists
  5. New Media Pioneer: Jennifer Adriene Burks  of Plugged In Television

Tons of Cyber PR Artists are Touring!

If you would like to know when one of our artists are coming to your are its quite easy to do:

Login – Go to the “My Info” tab, scroll to down to the “Regions” section. From the drop down menu bar you can select the specific City and State you are in.

Then check the box marked “Please send info about clients with events in my regions- Check this box if you would like to receive details (show date, venue, ticket price, etc.) for clients coming to your area”

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and save changes.

This will then let us know to notify you when any of our artists will be playing in your area.

Once you receive notification of a band coming to your area you are given the option to request to be put on the list to attend the show, or even interview the band while they are in your town.

If you are still having trouble selecting your region please email and we can get it done for you.


Ólafur Arnalds – Reykjavík, Iceland
Genre: Classical, Indie, Electronica

At only 21 years of age, Ólafur Arnalds is Iceland's latest export. Having already sold out The Barbican Hall in London, toured major European festivals and having opened for Sigur Rós on their most recent European tour, the future seems bright for this young, extraordinary talent.

MAMMÚT - Reykjavík, Iceland

Genre: Pop, Rock

Mammút is an Icelandic band that has been playing since late 2003. They’ve released 2 albums, “Mammút” and “Karkari”. The sophomore album, Karkari, was nominated for the “Best album” at the Icelandic musibac awards 2009.

Sunna Gunnlaugs - Reykjavík, Iceland

: Jazz

The Washington Post described her music as possessing “such timeless virtues as lyricism and grace… elegantly bridges soul-searching passages with uncluttered swing.” On her latest CD, "Songs from Iceland" she confirms that assessment by re-imagining 5 Icelandic folk-songs for jazz quartet, adding new perspective to Time Out New York's statement that Gunnlaugs is “proof that jazz is as much a part of the picture as the pop of Björk or SigurRos.” Her next recording is scheduled for June in New York amidst US tour-dates.


"Svefnsykt" by MAMMÚT
Pop, Rock

Mammút is an Icelandic band that has been playing since late 2003. They’ve released 2 albums, “Mammút” and “Karkari”. The sophomore album, Karkari, was nominated for the “Best album” at the Icelandic music awards 2009.


Featured Blog:
AJ Supreme World Famous

AJ Supreme is here to keep you updated with the latest Entertainment-Hip Hop-Rap-R&B & Gospel Music news around the world. You will be able to hear new music first, album reviews, upcoming movies, who sang it better, rumors, videos, fashion and so much more. 

Featured Podcast:
Dark Compass Podcast

A weekly show containing some of the best Independent and Podsafe Music, with Comment on Culture, Technology and anything else that takes his fancy Established back in December 2004, a proud Member of Podshow, and a member of the Association of Music Podcasting.

Featured Internet Radio:
React Radio

React is radio without borders. React is redefining the Hit Radio listening experience by mixing the best of today's Pop Hits with unsigned and underpromoted artists and classic hits from the 90's and 80's!

New Media Pioneer: Jennifer Adriene Burks  of Plugged In Television

Plugged In is a music entertainment show featuring local and national acts performing in the Twin Cities. We interview musicians and tape their performances for your viewing pleasure!

Check us out on St. Paul Neighborhood Network Channel 15 and Minneapolis Television Network. We will produce one episode per month that will air four times each month (once a week). We're launching a new website this summer! 


Q: What are your favorite blogs/audio blogs featuring new music do you like to visit?

A: The Syndicate

The Syndicate is an independent music and entertainment marketing company in New Jersey. It is a great site to hear about upcoming music releases and events. They cover an eclectic mix of music genres. Whenever I check out the site, I know I will discover something fresh.

Nylon Magazine,

Nylon is a fusion of music, pop culture and fashion. I can’t stop reading the blog, because the images are pure eye candy. Bright and colorful. I always look forward to reading the music reviews. It is a wonderful indulgence.

The Current,

The Current is a staple for any hip, young music lover in the Twin Cities. What I love most about The Current is the element of surprise. They keep you guessing. You may hear a classic Al Green song followed by Lady Sovereign’s latest single.

Q: What inspired you to start the site?

A: My best friend and I took a roadtrip to Pennsylvania to see one of our favorite bands. We managed to get front row for the concert. Looking around seeing the excitement and feeling the energy of the crowd, the lightbulb went off. This is what people want to see. They want to get closer to their favorite musicians and bands. We can help give them the access. We want to show viewers what keeps their favorite musicians motivated and drives the passion behind the music..

Q: What do you think is the impact of blogs, internet radio, and podcasts on independent music?

A: Blogs, internet radio and podcasts have made the music industry a more level playing field for independent artists. Promotion is crucial to succeeding in the business. These tools are providing a way for up-and-coming artists to get their music out there. It shows you promotion doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. With a little determination, independent artists can really make a name for themselves.

Q: When you started your station, did you anticipate that blogs would have such an upscale trend as it does now?

A: When we started the show, social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace were popular. I felt it was a powerful tool for marketing, because you could reach a large amount of people quickly and inexpensively. I think blogs are appealing, because people enjoy hearing about the lives of others. I think we like being nosey. I’ll admit it, I love being nosey! It’s a journalist’s job to be nosey, right?

Q: What are the ultimate goals you wish to achieve through your site?

A: We want to open viewers eyes to artists they may have never given a shot. We cover a wide variety of music genres. Sometimes we only listen to what we know we like, because it’s safe. So we won’t be disappointed.  If we opened up, we might find something that totally transforms the way we think. Just working with other crew members has opened my eyes to new artists. It’s such an exciting feeling to discover new music. Our major goal this summer is to launch a new official website. Please, check out for updates!


Ariel Hyatt is the founder of Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR, a digital public relations firm that connects clients to the new media including blogs, podcasts, Internet radio stations and social networking sites. Over the past 13 years she has represented over 1,435 musicians and bands.

Educating musicians is her passion and several times a year, she leads workshops teaching her strategy of combining social networking with Internet marketing to help clients grow larger fanbases and earn more money.

Her first book Music Success in Nine Weeks was released in June 2008. "Sound Advice," her bi-weekly ezine and Internet TV series currently reaches an audience of over 10,000 music professionals. She is a contributing blogger for Music Think Tank, and Know The Music Biz.

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