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Asthmatic Kitty launches their Library Catalog Series, a one-stop destination for your life's soundtrack!

posted Jul 30, 2009, 10:58 AM by Vu Nguyen

Asthmatic Kitty launches their Library Catalog Series, a one-stop destination for your life's soundtrack!
You've felt it; that strange emptiness driving home from work, the awkward silence at the breakfast table, the lack of ambience while walking down the street. Sound familiar? You may need a life soundtrack, and Asthmatic Kitty Records can deliver. The Library Catalog Music is a series of instrumental albums designed for possible use in films and television, as background sounds for home or office, or sundry personal needs, such as relaxation, stimulation, meditation, concentration, or elevation. For your listening pleasure, Asthmatic Kitty asked a select group of talented artists to create a unique recording for this collection. Specific uses for the music in this series may include accompaniment to cooking, eating, sculpting, exercising, high stakes poker, soaking, panoramic landscapes, cuddling, car chases, drawing, knitting, bandaging, romance, playing chess, or planning the rest of your life, of which this is the first day. These albums will provide you with an essential library for soundtracking your life in all of its moods and complexity. Be your own music director! Score your life scenes!

But wait, that is hardly all! Not only can you employ this music in the privacy of your home, computer and car stereo, but you can also license the Library Catalog Series commercially. Need to score that winning presentation for the board meeting next Wednesday? Is your Christmas home video lacking that certain climatic punch? Are you a major multi-national corporate conglomerate looking for quickly recognizable audio branding? Do your employees and/or customers have the overhead-radio doldrums? Then look no further, our sliding-scale fee structure can accommodate any every musical need, be it personal or corporate.

For this series, Asthmatic Kitty Records has sought out the industry's hardest working musicians to formulate the perfect orchestration for all of your advertising, film, and television needs. Is your soap not sudsy enough? Is your chase scene lacking that certain fist-pumping audible adrenaline? Does your Mutual Fund need a little backbeat? Or perhaps the Strategic Defense Initiative could use some arpeggio on the Juno? Our Music Can Sell Your Shit. Our music will make your product, be it creative or commercial, more creative and more commercial! What would flakes of corn be without that beat-box jingle, the wagon of volks without the stirring roadside symphony?

For your licensing pleasure this collection will feature music for any scene or product imaginable. Sci-fi, western, sci-fi western. Political drama, dramatic politicking. And what about that lackluster sex scene? Need bow wow on the wah? We got your music!! Eventually, the Library Catalog Series will come to encompass any mood or ambiance, with the perfect music to over-or-under-dramatize any scene.

More info below and HERE.

The first three installments in the soundtrack to your life...

Vol 1: Music for Lubbock, 1980, brought to you by American sound pioneer 900X, is a record exclusive to the Asthmatic Kitty Records Library Music Catalog. That's right! You won't find this recording anywhere else. Northwestern Texas never sounded this good until now. Lubbock's nickname is the "Hub City," derived from being the economic, education and health care hub of a multi-county region commonly called the South Plains. The music, therefore, is equally complex and foundational. Explore this fertile region of the United States with us.

Vol 2: Music for Measurements highlights the infectious groove of deep-soul funk outfit Law of the Least Effort. Music for Measurements propels listeners through 10 cuts of pure soul and marketability. Buddy cop movies, high-impact convenience store branding, Texas Holdem...look no further, these will have you tapping your toe in no time to the tune of cash!

Vol 3: Music for Drums is a collection of quadratic-based marching band drum-core experiments by the geniuses whom produced our first two volumes. We convinced the enigmatic musicians to collaborate in our mountain studio resort to create this focused and highly advanced recording that fills several unique niche markets, that are as of now still untouched. We imagine a polaresque science-fiction intrigue that could very well be Antarctica or Pluto, with sweat, sex and icicles!