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Awesome News: Convoj, Tvärvägen, LINMOC, Hario and Aino

posted Nov 5, 2008, 1:03 PM by Vu Nguyen
From You Are Awesome

Here are some quick awesome news from Convoj, Tvärvägen, LINMOC, Hario and Aino:



It has been a little bit like the Swedish version of “Chinese Democracy”. A never ending story, a legend, a tale.

First they were hyped, then they get lost, a lot of release dates were mentioned but no release came. Several different label names passed by but nothing happened.

But finally, we are now really really happy to announce that it’s done. That it’s reality.

What we are talking about?

We have now received the physical version of the long-awaited full-length debut by Convoj from the presses. The album “Exceptionnal” will be out on December 10th on Wonderland Records.



Trvärvägen is part of a competition of the German magazine “Stern“. That’s really awesome, ’cause “Stern” is one of Germany’s biggest magazines. It’s a newcomer-contest, so please vote, vote, vote.

Please make another “vote-wonder” and vote for Tvärvägen HERE!!!


Don’t forget the LINMOC concert in Stockholm this friday. They are playing at Club Democrazy at the Sugar Bar.

A short message from Hari and Aino:

This winter Hari and Aino returns to Cloudberry Records to release a 7″ vinyl single. The record will hopefully be out before Christmas, pre order is avalible from Cloudberry Records today.

To get the nice 7″ vinyl with cover art made by Amy Ruppel go to Cloudberry Records and reserve a copy.