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posted Sep 2, 2009, 10:50 PM by Vu Nguyen

Tour blurb:
Batrider never stands still. Since establishing themselves in New Zealand in 2002, the band seemingly lives on the road, having carved a jagged path across the globe overwhelming even the most unassuming audiences throughout Australia, England and Europe with performances characterised by bitter-sweet vocals splayed across discordant guitars and fuzzy percussion. Along with writing, performing and producing all their own songs and artwork, Batrider also book all their own shows and manage themselves. Or rather, these three best friends kind of manage each other. Next month the trio embark on their inaugural USA tour to promote their third full length album Why We Can't Be Together. Culled from nearly 40 songs tracked live in record time, WWCBT is heralded as a major work of "sad beauty" - a lofi gem that works it's way under the skin with predatory drumming, guitars wailing like sirens and chilling vocals from Sarah Mary Chadwick. Think Flying Nun Records meets Sonic Youth and early Cat Power and you're halfway there. Don't miss the opportunity to catch Batrider live at any number of 36 dates across America between October 1 and November 20, 2009

"Batrider's erratic moodiness and bleak world view is more likely to appeal to cultural outsiders and individualists. And isn’t that what “alternative” rock music should be – an alternative to the bland, shiny pap that the bleating herd of music consumers keeps lapping up? Too much supposedly edgy music these days has absolutely nothing of value to contribute in terms of actual attitude or lyrical substance. Thank fuck for passionately malcontent artists like Sarah Chadwick and Batrider."
 - Rene Schaefer, Mess+Noise Magazine

01-Oct-09 Union Pool Brooklyn, NY
02-Oct-09 The Charleston Brooklyn, NY
03-Oct-09 New Brunswick House New Brunswick, NJ
05-Oct-09 The Annex New York, NY
06-Oct-09 Ottos Shrunken Head New York, NY
07-Oct-09 The Saint Asbury Park, NJ
09-Oct-09 The Stomping Grounds House Lancaster, OA
10-Oct-09 House of One Accord (DIY) Harrisburg, PA
13-Oct-09 Labyrinth Press Co. Jamestown, NY
15-Oct-09 BJ's Fredonia, NY
16-Oct-09 Lucky's Cortland, NY
17-Oct-09 Larry's Danbury, CT
18-Oct-09 PA's Lounge Boston, MA
19-Oct-09 Eleven's Northampton, MA
24-Oct-09 Smiling Moose Pittsburgh, PA
25-Oct-09 Brown Town (diy house) Athens, OH
26-Oct-09 Monster House Columbus, OH
27-Oct-09 Soggy Dog House (DIY) Lakewood, OH
28-Oct-09 Trumbull Plex Detroit, OH
29-Oct-09 Ramalama Records Toledo, OH
30-Oct-09 Courtyard Cafe Urbana-Champaign, IL
02-Nov-09 Vaudeville Mews Des Moines, IO
03-Nov-09 The Pistol Kansas City, MO
04-Nov-09 Opolis Norman, OK
05-Nov-09 The Blue Lounge Wichita, KS
06-Nov-09 One Eyed Jack's Denver, CO
11-Nov-09 Cretin Hop Spokane, WA
12-Nov-09 Comet Tavern Seattle, WA
13-Nov-09 The Voyeur Olympia, WA
14-Nov-09 The Know Portland, OR
16-Nov-09 Steyberg Gallery San Luis Opisbo
18-Nov-09 Echo Curio Los Angeles, CA
19-Nov-09 The Smell Los Angeles, CA