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BBC Radio, cruiser, and A Gentle Press

posted Sep 4, 2008, 5:50 AM by Vu Nguyen
From Tiger, Tiger

There are some exciting updates to share of things that have been, and some things that are yet to have been ... well, you know what I mean. Please, read at your leisure, I'm sorry for the word count.

A while back, it was mentioned a project was in the works with Scottish music group cruiser, and the potential collaboration on a song. Well the friendly chaps agreed to give Tiger,Tiger an attempt at creating some vocals for a song they were considering using on their upcoming album. After singing a note here and another note there, and sweating profusely from the pressures of wanting to appeal to a band who's music I admired ... a song was born. And its name? A Gentle Press

On September 1st, cruiser released their latest album happyrobots:smilingpeople, and I'm so so so thrilled to be included on the album with our song A Gentle Press. If that isn't exciting enough for little old me, it seems the song has been getting some repeated radio play across the pond, and has found a fan in Collin Murray and his show on BBC Radio 1. Yes, BBC as in 'the BBC'. It has been getting weekly plays and received some really promising and kind remarks form Mr. Murray. I can't thank cruiser enough for this opportunity.

And furthermore (while banging my fist on the podium), cruiser's PR team has suggested A Gentle Press be released as a single, so from what I understand cruiser will be back in the saddle to record a B-side for that, and then a release is planned in the near future to hopefully draw a little more attention our way.

And furthermore again, the single is planned to be packaged with an actual video for the song. Seriously. A video. This is all exciting, new, exciting, and new. Can't wait to see the results of the planned animation (possibly involving robots ... beep boop) from an Edinburgh artist and his take on the song with cruiser's input.

I've written too much, but the excitement went straight to my fingers. That is it for now, but Tiger,Tiger will be in a little slice of heaven for a while as things unfold. Til then, I've included some links for cruiser's latest work, which is a fantasticly crafted collection of friendly and dreamy electro-pop, wonderful vocals, and depth within it's own simplicity. Their previous album Northern Electric is also wonderful. They are a far bigger band than I, and I'm so thankful to be taken under their wing. Their music can be found on iTunes, through their label KFM Records, as well as some samples on their MySpace page. Thank you dearly. And again, "thank you" cruiser.

iTunes Store Link for happyrobot:smilingpeople