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Beer City Records cause massive HEAD ON COLLISION

posted Aug 16, 2008, 11:04 AM by Vu Nguyen
From Earsplit

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, thrash metal miscreants Head On Collision inject every authentic utterance, essence and nuance of the crumbling urban metropolis they call home into their Beer City debut, Ritual Sacrifice. The result is the sick, polluted ennui of a dying city conveniently packaged and shrink wrapped for your listening pleasure.


Ritual Sacrifice rips open with the impeccable "Arise From the Wreckage" and doesn't let up until the titular final track, accumulating eleven straight tracks of sullied, gory gold. These days metal is rarely this unfiltered and unaffected; the boys in HOC let the guitars scream for themselves and manage to make it through the eleven track onslaught with nary a drum loop or a bullshit Taxi Driver sample in the way.


Authentic metal for authentic metalheads,  Ritual Sacrifice is a straight shot of 100 proof thrash metal that should thoroughly disintegrate whatever is left of your brain stem come album's end. Commence consumption immediately.


Get up with the Earsplit Compound to get down on some H.O.C. interview action...


"I want to hear kick-ass riffs, gravelly vocals, angry lyrics about societal ills and just the right amount of conviction. This young trio provides all four of those things, irony free and in under 40 minutes." -


"Playing tight, ballsy, unadulterated form of thrash metal with utmost sincerity, Head On Collision have by far surpassed the expectations of this disillusioned thrash metal fan. I would strongly recommend Ritual Sacrifice to all those with the fire of real thrash metal burning in their hearts and who are disgusted by the new trend of weak retro thrash that is rampant these days." -