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Black Iris composers "The Gifted" help launch Microsoft Bing-A-Thon w/ SNL's Jason Sudeikis and G4’s Olivia Munn on TODAY!

posted Jun 8, 2009, 2:07 PM by Vu Nguyen

Black Iris-affiliated composers "The Gifted" have composed a suite of music for
Microsoft’s launch event for “Bing”, their new search engine.
The “Bing-A-Thon,” hosted by SNL’s Jason Sudeikis and G4’s Olivia Munn will feature 35 original cues written over the preceding week and rehearsed with a crack team of musicians, including James Bairian and  Louis Castle
(AKA The Gifted) and Matthew “Cornbread” Compton, a Black Iris staff composer. 

The Bing-A-Thon will be broadcast live on TONIGHT June 8th at 8 PM EST.
The broadcast will take the form of a variety show, with Bairian, Castle and Compton anchoring the house band.

Said James Bairian; “We wanted to create a unique feel for these pieces, so we began with the Farfisa Compact organ, a recorder and a vibraphone. We thought that integrating these interesting sounds into the arrangements would guide and shape the compositions.  Also, Louis looks ridiculous playing the recorder, and that makes me happy.  We had less than a week to write all 35 cues and rehearse the band, but luckily we got a great group together and they killed it.”

What is Black Iris:

 With studios in New York, Los Angeles and Richmond, Virginia, Black Iris is a talented collective of musicians rooted in the independent music  scene, providing original compositions and scores for entertainment,  advertising and media.  Because of their deep attachment and connection  with the musical underground, the Black Iris label continues to offer  fresh and unique sounds that stay ahead of current musical trends.   Stemming from the music stages of Virginia and Los Angeles, the group's talent now has national reach, working across genres and actively touring the globe.  Their composers include members of the Walkmen, Phantom Planet, Earlimart, Denali, Foreign Born and others.
Black Iris creates music for topline brands and internationally known ad agencies, including their work for the ESPN X Games, Cadillac, Hummer, Gatorade and the recent Activisions X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Black Iris composers Asa Taccone and Drew Campbell created yet another viral SNL Digital Shorts. The two collaborated on the track for the wildly popular "Motherlover" short featuring Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg along with the Emmy Award winning “Dick In a Box.”
 The Black Iris label exists as a mechanism to broaden the musical  experience of creative professionals in the advertising industry while  allowing bands to record new music and produce exciting limited edition   vinyl for their fans.  Releases on the Black Iris label are produced in  limited runs of 500 pieces, with half going to ad creatives and half being sold at the bands’ shows.  This gives Black Iris an opportunity to foster the development of bands connected with the collective and potentially generate significant synch income for the artists.  This is in line with Black Iris’ overarching mission; to create an environment in which musicians can support themselves making music.
 Past Black Iris 7” artists include Bad Veins, whose forthcoming Dangerbird Records release was produced by Black Iris composer Justin Bailey and Foreign Born, whose guitarist Lewis Pesacov composes for Black Iris.
 The Black Iris label is currently talking to several artists about 2009
releases that will continue to showcase the talent associated with the music house.