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Boo and Boo Too puts Lawrence, Kansas on the map of guitar geniuses. Listen for the proof on the band's much anticipated full-length debut, No Tempo.

posted Sep 22, 2008, 6:06 AM by Vu Nguyen
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September 22nd, 2008


Boo and Boo Too puts Lawrence, Kansas on the map of guitar geniuses. Listen for the proof on the band’s much anticipated full-length debut, No Tempo. Fans of Wire, Wedding Present and Walkmen take note.


“Sludgy, dreamy, new wave influenced wall of sound pop...” – Todd P., NYC


Noise-obsessed, dark and unmistakably poppy, Lawrence, Kansas-based band Boo and Boo Too buries its indie rock beneath shimmering layers of post-punk squall and shoegaze abandon. With the imminent release of its full-length debut No Tempo (following a much adored EP), Boo and Boo Too sets its sights on extensive touring (see the band at CMJ, 2008!), determined to spread its own brand of noise and punk and whatever everywhere. Expect busted guitars and blown-out eardrums as No Tempo stands to firmly establish Boo and Boo Too as uncompromising purveyors of charismatic and chaotic pop music.


More Quotes From The Press:


Boo and Boo Too plays an impassioned, timeless sort of emo-punk. The Lawrence, KS, band’s yearning vocals and wistful guitars make us nostalgic for those indie-rock mix-tapes we used to put together in high school.” – Time Out New York


“Easily the most exciting EP release I heard this year, [we] haven’t stopped talking about Boo and Boo Too since we heard this. It’s really addictive loud and noisy rock, in the vein of your favorite feedback filled Sonic Youth songs.” – Omahype


Boo And Boo Too have nailed down that manic brand of New York claustrophobia last achieved in The Walkmen’s debut—except they’re from Lawrence, Kansas.” – Paper Thin Walls


“[Boo and Boo Too] rock like they’ve spent the last five years trapped in a van on tour with Pavement, My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth. They squelch and squall guitar feedback like it was a fourth, unnamed member whose sole purpose was to remind everyone what indie rock used to be like, and on that count they deliver.” – Stranded in Stereo


“Like a perky bastard child of The Walkmen and Sonic Youth on Red Bull, the band batter their instruments into submission. Noise and feedback have rarely been played with such poppy purpose.” – The Devil Has the Best Tuna


Boo and Boo Too is a thrift store for sound, for sure. Yeah, yeah: punk-pop squawk uneasily buttressed by f(r)actious guitar noise, chaos contained by a thin membrane of control and a tiny salute to no wave. But also that elusive, near-impossible to articulate quality -- charisma.” – Shake Your Fist


“Unwitting anglophiles, this Kansas band take all the best bits of early Wire and Wedding Present, and wrap them up in a neat little bundle of more modern references like Liars and Broken Social Scene.” – Subba Cultcha


No Tempo Tracklisting:

Release Date: October 14th, 2008



01. I Know Nothing’s All Right

02. I’ll Be Your Whore (MP3)

03. Obviously

04. Botom of The Lake

05. No Tempo

06. Black Buggy

07. Sometimes At Night

08. KGB

09. White Light, Dark Sheets

10. Alleys In Whitechapel


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