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Brody Dalle's Parties for Prostitutes Debuts on Rolling Stone - Select U.S. Dates Confirmed

posted Mar 24, 2014, 3:55 PM by Vu Nguyen
While Brody is currently on tour in Australia with Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age, she has just announced select North American tour dates that with the exception of Sasquatch go on sale tomorrow Friday March 7:



May 21 - Slim's - San Francisco, CA

May 23 - Venue - Vancouver, BC, Canada

May 24 - Dante's - Portland, OR

May 25 - Sasquatch Music Festival -  Quincy, WA (on sale already)

May 29 - The Observatory - Santa Ana, CA

May 30 - Troubadour - Los Angeles, CA 


Diploid (n): A cell or an organism consisting of two sets of chromosomes: usually, one set from the mother and another set from the father.


A deeply personal album, Brody Dalle's debut solo release, Diploid Love  (out April 29) is a recording about life: creating it, living it and surviving it. Brody spent a year writing, playing, recording and co-producing her first solo album, a riotous blast of punk rock with a pop sheen that storms through ideas about the modern age, triumphing against the odds and even spirituality.


The ex-Distillers front woman co-produced the album with Alain Johannes (Arctic Monkeys, Them Crooked Vultures, Mark Lanegan) at his studio, and at her and husband Josh Homme's studio Pink Duck, both in California. "I've always had a hand in crafting how it's going to sound and hearing it and trying to make that happen. But it's the first time I've put my name on something for production," she says of the release.


Brody wrote all the songs and played almost all the instruments you can hear on the album herself, with a few incredible guests that included Shirley Manson (Garbage), Nick Valensi (The Strokes), Michael Shuman (Queens of the Stone Age), violinist Jessy Greene (recently toured with Foo Fighters), Emily Kokal (Warpaint), Tyler Parkford (Mini Mansions) with Darren Weiss (Papa) and Hayden Scott (AWOLNATION) lending a hand on drums.


'Meet The Foetus/ Oh The Joy' is the ambitious, centrepiece of the forthcoming album and was responsible for kicking the whole process off. If you listen carefully you can hear, good friend Shirley Manson (Garbage) and Emily Kokal (Warpaint) lending a hand on backing vocals.


Click here for Brody Dalle's video for 'Meet The Foetus/Oh The Joy' featuring Shirely Manson.


Brody has had a long, wild career in music. "It's the only job I've ever had and I love it." In her native Australia, her first band, Sourpuss, got her signed at 15; she later moved to LA and formed The Distillers, spending her 20s touring the world. After that, she released a killer album rife with hooks under Spinnerette and now she returns in fighting form under her own name with her own solo project.