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Buraka Som Sistema's New Mixtape BLOOD DIAMOND Out Today!

posted Jul 13, 2009, 2:38 PM by Vu Nguyen

Buraka Som Sistema
Blood Diamond Mixtape

Conceived, mixed and produced by J-WOW aka Dj Lil'John

Free download beginning July 13, 2009
Only at

Blood DiamondWhile you may know Buraka Som Sistema for their fantastic debut album, Black Diamond, or their wild live shows, including their break-out performance at this year’s Coachella, they actually started out making mash-ups and bootlegs of their favorite tunes for their infamous Lisbon club night, from which they got their name.

Now they're bringing things back to their roots and have put together The Blood Diamond Mixtape, a fast paced and diverse mix of new material, crazy samples, new guests, mash-ups from the live set and a bunch of unexpected treats and juxtapositions. According to DJ Lil’John, “it’s a different version of an album we would have made if clearing samples wasn’t an issue.”

Watch out for Jaime Foxx’s definition of Kuduro, Afrikan Boy’s take on Kalemba, Shirley Bassey, Zomby featuring Pongolove, and blog favorite Dance Dance Dance (BSS vs Lykke Li), to name but a few.

The Blood Diamond Mixtape follows the release of their debut full-length release, Black Diamond (released in North American on Fabric in April 2009), and a North American tour that got people people everywhere from San Francisco to Montreal dancing to kuduro music and calling Buraka’s name.  RCRD LBL called their show at Bowery Ballroom “an entire sold-out crowd of despondent New Yorkers [dropping] onto their knees and then bounding into the air like apes just to see if they can collectively make the floor quake.”

The Blood Diamond Mixtape is available for download at  

Blood Diamond Tracklist:

1. Diamonds are Forever Intro
2. Dj Znobia feat Jaime Foxx - Africa
3. Buraka SOm Sistema - Kalemba (wegue wegue) Afrikan Boy remix
4. Os Lambas - Sapo (BSS Edit)
5. Radioclit vs Guns'n'roses - Sweet Secousse of Mine (Bss edit)
6. The Kiss - Black Diamond
7. Tunes for Baby That Won't Drive You Crazy - Black Diamond
8. Buraka Som Sistema - IC19 (Toy Selecta remix)
9. Buraka Som Sistema - Aqui Para Voces (FAVELA FUNK SAMBA edit)
10. Buraka Som Sistema - Wawaba (James Braun Copyflex remix)
11. Lykke Li - Dance Dance Dance (BSS Remix)
12. Dirty Tricks - Black Diamond
13. Rusko vs Puto Prata - Let's Go (BSS Edit)
14. Buraka Som Sistema - R.I.A.D.
15. J-WOW feat Aloe Blacc - Off with ya head
16. Buraka Som Sistema - Gang Bang feat Blaya
17. David Zé - O Guerrilheiro
18. Johnny Clarke - Come Back To Me
19. Buraka Som Sistema - Sound of Kuduro (D1 remix)
20. Zomby feat Pongolove - Kuduro Rumours (BSS Edit)
21. Rusko - Cockney Thug (BSS Remix)
22. Paul Simon - Diamonds on the soles of her shoes

" of the most jaw-droppingly effusive club moments I’ve experienced." -  The FADER

"The toast of this year's Coachella" - The Village Voice
"Fresh off their headline-grabbing appearance at the Coachella festival, Buraka Som Sistema passed through San Francisco last night, making one of the hottest nights of the year even hotter. Did I say hot? I mean scorching" - SF Weekly

"...a swell of Kuduro percussion washes over us--a combination of sampled clatter, digitally triggered pads that DJ Riot is smacking with sticks, and a drum kit with a kick that'll blow a hole in your chest. MCs Kalaf and Conductor storm the stage and the tent becomes a heaving favela." - LA Weekly

"The Portuguese group Buraka Som Sistema had a massive crowd leaping in the air by the end of their performance in what was perhaps the most energized reaction of  [Coachella’s] first day." - Associated Press

" of the fiercest dance records in recent memory.” - Pitchfork

"We knew the Buraka Som Sistema show was going to be fun. We even suggested it might be the kind of wild-eyed, turbo fun that is promised (but never delivered) on those weird little vials of energy drink at bodegas. But we had no idea after two hours of FUN, the sweaty crowd would be so in the palm of the band’s hand that people willingly sat on the floor of the Bowery Ballroom waiting for MC Conductor to count one, two, three—so they could jump in the air with the return of the enormous techno beat. Whoop!" -

"They gripped a sold-out Bowery Ballroom with their urgent dance-or-die rhythms. I’ve posted up in more than a few venues but I’ve never seen New Yorkers go batshit like that." - Giant Step