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Candlelight USA

posted Oct 4, 2008, 7:20 AM by Vu Nguyen
From Earsplit

Candlelight USA has unleashed an explosive batch of new releases for the fall quarter, supplying thrash, black, death, doom fans with quality metal releases all-around. Hence, we have a lot of bands that are dying to talk about their latest accomplishments...
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In The Shadow of a Thousand Suns, the blistering debut full-length for American atmospheric black metal outfit Abigail Williams is taking critics and fans of the genre by critically-acclaimed storm. After multiple successful North American and European tours, festival appearances and shows with Emperor in 2007 already under their belt, and tours through the rest of the year announced or in the works, this band will become a household name in the metal genre in no time. Produced by James Murphy and featuring the drumming of Trym Torson (Emperor/Zyklon), In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns is an undeniably intense, professionally executed release.
- - - - -
One of Candlelight's latest signings, LA's black metal unit Sothis is garnishing a bit of attention. As recently featured on Myspace's metal page, their debut full-length De Oppresso Liber unloads nine tracks of scathing, soulless, synth-laden battery, and sets the band up for an active year. Tour and show news is pending for the band with more news to follow shortly. An interview recently posted to Youtube shows Sothis drummer Dross in an in-depth mixing board discussion on the album in-studio in Sweden with producer Andy LaRocque: 
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There is no better champion of thrash than Germany's Destruction. Hailed as one of the genre's innovators (and best) the trio have consistently delivered a characteristic one-two knock out punch of speed and intensity. Uncompromising, honest and determined, they continue decades after their genesis. The new album D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. not only represents the latest release from the thrash juggernaut, it additionally celebrates 25 years of commitment from Destruction that continues to prove there is no slowing down for them. Following the impressive 2005 Inventor of Evil and 2007 re-recorded album Thrash Anthems, D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. unveils a hurricane of technically skilled, energetic thrash, executing an array of material that bears influence from all eras of their discography. Destruction never fail to deliver.
- - - - -
Formed in 1996, Omnium Gatherum quickly amassed a loyal fanbase. Confidently blending melody and aggression this band has entertained an international audience that has grown with each new recording. Signing to Candlelight in 2006 the band released Stuck Here on Snake’s Way in 2007. The album was supported by numerous European tours, including runs with Dark Tranquility, Caliban, and Entombed, and hit the Finnish charts at position 31. Now with The Red Shift the band again commence to touring with a fall run alongside Nile and Grave. The band have already completed a video for the album’s lead off track which is already available at numerous sites. The Red Shift is a development priority recording for Candlelight this fall. Producer Dan Swano, who masterminded the album’s recording proclaims, "I hate bands like Omnium Gatherum... they are so good it pisses me off!”  
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Primitive yet mature, this Norwegian band’s seemingly simplistic compositions incorporate dark, noxious atmospheres within ther demanding, sonic riffing. Their Norwegian lyrics add further charm to their music for their largely English-speaking fanbase. After several successful European tours and numerous major metal festivals, the band took a brief hiatus (some of the members concentrating on their Tulus project) and return now in 2008 with their newest full-length Hundre Ar Gammal.