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Carl Creighton Shares "Snowbank" Single

posted Mar 3, 2014, 10:06 AM by Vu Nguyen
Carl Creighton Shares "Snowbank" Single


We thought we'd send something to help people get through the snow storm today, but now you can enjoy it without trudging through ten feet of Satan's Dandruff. Please enjoy Carl Creighton's "Snowbank", from the upcoming album release, Brookings, to be released March 25th.

A fog of distant intimacy inhabits Brookings. An entirely solo effort, Carl Creighton appears to be singing for an audience of one within a vast haunted cathedral. Silly, angry, depressed, Creighton is revealed as a uninhibited character, fearlessly shedding his soul while maintaining a sense of humor.

Recorded during a dark period of his life, while living in Minnesota, Brookings was shelved when Creighton returned to Brooklyn to focus on Howth’s sophomore effort Newkirk. With the help of his bandmates, Howth re-imagined Brookings tracks “Out In Eagan,” “Only Right Turns,” and “Snowbank” on Newkirk, fleshing them out to rock songs. But despite the lo-fi recording style, Brookings never felt like a collection of demos. The songs are simply too good on their own to be left unreleased. So, with a little prodding, Mecca Lecca has convinced Carl Creighton to unlock this raw treasure and share it with the world.

Carl Creighton - Brookings
Release date: March 25, 2014
Available Formats: Digital

1. Brookings, SD
2. Out In Eagan
3. Keep Me Cool
4. Only Right Turns
5. Fictional Song
6. Grand Marais
7. Wagon Bridge
8. Song For Oreo
9. Ballard-Sunder Funeral Home
10. Baby Doll
11. DNR
12. Sundays and Saturdays
13. Snowbank
14. Will You Lie With Me in My Deathbed
15. Frozen Lemonade
16. Ft. Snelling Rag