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Carrie Rodriguez new single (US) + tour info (US, UK, Scotland) + SXSW + album release & tour in Europe

posted Jan 20, 2009, 7:03 AM by Vu Nguyen
From  Moon Indigo
Carrie’s new single, “Absence” shipped to AAA radio last week (via Play MPE - EMI)!
Goes for ADDS beginning January 27th!  Carrie co-wrote it w/Mary Gauthier...
If you’d like an MP3, happy to share with ya – just ask.

New Tour Dates
Scotland & UK dates w/Mary Gauthier in late Jan/early Feb
    A few US dates w/John Prine in Feb

Acoustic Café (syn) segment to air internationally the week of February 9th
go to: for more details

SXSW in March
Americana Music Association showcase + Austin Music Awards

She Ain’t Me to be released in Europe in late May, tour to follow in June
Moved from March, had to finish a lawyer dance...

Carrie’s new single is “Absence” which she co-wrote with Mary Gauthier

Carrie appeared on Austin City Limits (KLRU-TV) this past Fall (it will re-air this coming Summer).
If you missed it or are curious what it looked & sounded like, click the links below.
“Absence” LIVE on Austin City Limits (PBS):
  “50’s French Movie” LIVE on Austin City Limits (PBS):

  • Her new album, She Ain’t Me is available now.
  • She Ain’t Me reached #2 on the Americana charts and #18 on the AAA non-com charts.
  • Honored with “Songwriter of the Year” award – Folk Category by The Roots Music Association
  • World Café segment aired December 16th
  • Carrie is featured on a track on the new Tish Hinojosa album, Uncommonly Diverse.
  • Carrie appearance on Applause (TV) in Cleveland, aired on January 8th and can be viewed here:
  • “Rag Doll” was used in an episode of Ghost Whisperer (CBS) on January 16th.
  • Download this Alley(pod)cast from Folk Alley – posted January 18th.
       features Carrie performing “Absence”
  • Her second single, “Absence” begins going for adds at AAA radio on January 27th.
  • January tour dates in:  Piermont, NY; Rosendale, NY; New York, NY; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; Eugene, WA;
           Yakima, WA; Portland, OR; Boise, ID; Hailey, ID; Cedar River, UT; Fall River, MA (broadcast LIVE on WMVY in Martha’s
            Vineyard, MA
); New York, NY; Glasgow, SCOTLAND (w/Mary Gauthier); Congelton, UK (w/Mary Gauthier); and
            Newcastle, UK (w/Mary Gauthier).
  • Acoustic Café’ segment airs internationally the week of February 9th!!!
      go to for more details...
  • February tour dates in:  Bristol, UK (w/Mary Gauthier); Canterbury, UK (w/Mary Gauthier); and
           Bury, UK (w/Mary Gauthier); Philadelphia, PA (WXPN Event, broadcast LIVE); Knoxville, TN (w/John Prine); Roanoke,
            VA (w/John Prine); St. Louis, MO (w/John Prine); Springfield, MO (w/John Prine).
  • Will be at the SXSW Music & Media conference in Austin, TX – March 18-21
  • March tour dates:  Larchmont, NY; Chester, NY; and Freehold, NJ.
  • April tour dates:   Conroe, TX; Austin, TX; Des Moines, IA; Minneapolis, MN (w/Romantica); Milwaukee, WI (w/Alejandro
           Escovedo);Bloomington, IN (w/Alejandro Escovedo); Chicago, IL (w/Alejandro Escovedo); New York, NY (WFUV On
            The Radar Series
); and many others to be confirmed soon (working on dates in KY, TN, MD, MI, ON, NY).
  • May tour dates:  San Diego, CA (w/very special guests Romantica); Santa Monica, CA (w/very special guests Romoantica);
           Fallon, NV; Chico, CA (w/The Greencards); Albuquerque, NM; and a few other markets to be confirmed soon (working on AZ,
            CA, CO, NM w/very special guests Romantica).
  • She Ain’t Me to be released in Europe May 25th.
  • June European Tour being set up now...
  • July tour dates:  Boise, ID; Moscow, ID; with many more to come...
  • August tour dates:  Bethleham, PA; with many more to come...
  • September tour dates:  Seattle, WA; with many more to come...
  • Much, much more to come...

“…a fiddler with contest-killing chops, Carrie Rodriguez doesn’t stand a chance with Clear Channel country radio.  
        But on this year’s sterling She Ain’t Me, she modernizes country on her own terms, shifting between electro-mandolin-
    driven morality tales and hooky folk-rock, illuminating personal dramas with the skill of a young Lucinda Williams (who
    gets in some guest wailing on “Mask Of Moses”), and flirting with another Carrie’s (as in Underwood) bitch-on-twang-pop
    wheels. “Whoever Ms. Whoever is, she ain’t me,” she sings on the albums’s title track, calling out the competiton. Americana
    or otherwise, and the threat drips sweetly from her lips.”ie
        the lyrics are given their due and each word—and each ache in her vocals—can be heard…
        Carrie Rodriguez takes a bold step on She Ain’t Me. She’s got nowhere to hide. Despite what the title
        says, it is all her. Rodriguez deserves applause for doing such a good job of presenting the many
        sides of herself.”
                                        - Steve Horowitz / Popmatters (9/30/08)
    “The classical training of Carrie Rodriguez really shows. She Ain't Me is honestly just a huge collaboration
    of solid musicianship, songwriting, and soul. I've heard it described as "folk", though that definitely is not my
    first reaction. I'd say more alternative rock or pop, aligned more with the likes of Sarah McLaughlin or Nataline
    Late 90's styled. Her voice actually holds a striking resemblance to McLaughlin's (and the cover photo keeps
    making me think she is Audre Horne from Twin Peaks), which works superb for the genre. Nothing half-assed
    here; She Ain't Me is spotless.
                                    -  John Shelton Ivany / syndicated (9/29/08)
    “She’s a wonderful artist, very creative. She plays beautifully, she sings beautifully, and she’s a real nice person.”
                                    -  Alejandro Escovedo / from Seattle Post Intelligencer interview (9/16/08)

        “Carrie Rodriguez plays fiddle on only three songs for her second solo album,
        “She Ain’t Me” (Manhattan). Yet her fiddler’s vocabulary of old modal
        melodies centers her songs about faraway loves and spiritual prospects,
        bringing concision and gravity to every one of them.

        Ms. Rodriguez chose collaborators well: she wrote with Mary Gauthier, Gary
        Louris from the Jayhawks, Dan Wilson from Semisonic and the producer Malcolm
        Burn, who enfolds her Americana with resonant electric guitars and steadfast
        march beats. Behind the sorrows and longing is a determination that’s
        grounded, implicitly, in tradition.”
                                                - Jon Pareles /New York Times (9/14/08)

    “Opening for Alejandro Escovedo, she calmly walked onto the stage to introduce herself
    and then exploded.  Alternating between the fiddle, electric mandolin and tenor guitar, she
    matched licks with guitarist Hans Holzen to offer up a powerful presentation.

    The combination of such a good band with such a powerful voice was the surprise of the evening.  
    Having listened to her CD a coule of times, I was expecting a much mellower performance but was
    pleasantly surprised at how well she can belt it out.”
                                            - ToneAudio (review of 9/13/08 show)

    (as of Jan 19)

    24-Jan  Fall River, MA @ The Narrows (trio)
        to be broadcast LIVE by WMVY in Martha’s Vineyard, MA   

26-Jan  New York, NY @ The Living Room (solo)
29-Jan  Glasgow SCOTLAND @ Tron Theatre/Celtic Connections (solo) w/Mary Gauthier
30-Jan  Congelton  UK @ Town Hall
(solo) w/Mary Gauthier
31-Jan  Gateshead UK @ Little Theatre
(solo) w/Mary Gauthier
1-Feb  St. Andrews, Fife  SCOTLAND @ Inn at Lathones
(solo) w/Mary Gauthier
3-Feb  Bristol  UK @ St. Bonaventures
(solo) w/Mary Gauthier
4-Feb  Canterbury  UK @ Gulbenkian Theatre/Univ. Of Kent
(solo) w/Mary Gauthier
5-Feb  Greater Manchester  UK @ The Met
(solo) w/Mary Gauthier  
6-Feb  media day in London
9-Feb  Acoustic Café (syn) airs this week - internationally
13-Feb  Philadelphia, PA @ World Café Live – WXPN Event (trio)
to be broadcast LIVE by WXPN
20-Feb  Knoxville, TN @ Tennessee Theatre - opening for John Prine (duo)
21-Feb  Roanoke, VA @ Roanoke PAC - opening for John Prine (duo)
27-Feb  St. Louis, MO @ Touhill Performing Arts Center - opening for John Prine (solo)
28-Feb  Springfield, MO @ Gillioz Theatre - opening for John Prine (solo)
5-Mar  Larchmont, NY @ Water Color (trio)    
6-Mar  Chester, NY @ Bodle’s Opera House (trio)    
18-Mar  (t)Austin, TX @ Austin Music Hall/Austin Music Awards
performing w/The Fireants
19-Mar  (t)Austin, TX @ Antones/SXSW (band)
Americana Music Association Showcase
28-Mar  Freehold, NJ @ Concerts in the Studio (trio)
2-Apr  Conroe, TX @ Heritage Place Ampitheater (band)
3-Apr  Austin, TX @ Cactus Café (duo)
4-Apr  (t)San Antonio, TX @ Casbeers Church
6-Apr  Des Moines, IA @ Flying Mango (duo)
8-Apr  Minneapolis, MN @ The Varsity Theatre w/Romantica
KTCZ Studio C interview/performance
9-Apr  Milwaukee, WI @ TBA – opening for Alejandro Escovedo
10-Apr  Bloomington, IN @ TBA – opening for Alejandro Escovedo
11-Apr  Chicago, IL @ The Old Town School of Folk Music – opening for Alejendro Escovedo
  13-Apr  New York, NY @ The Living Room/WFUV On The Radar Series (trio)
22 Apr  (t)Annapolis, MD @ Rams Head - w/Willy Porter
Many more April dates TBA
(working on PA, KY, TN, MI, ON, NY)
9-May  (t)San Diego, CA @ Anthology
w/very special guests Romantica
10-May (t)Santa Monica, CA @ McCabes
w/very special guests Romantica
16-May  Fallon, NV @ Barkley Theatre/Oats Park Arts Center  
17-May  Chico, CA @ The Big Room/Sierra Nevada Brewing – w/The Greencards
23-May  Albuquergue, NM @ Q-Jam/Harry E. Kinney Civic Plaza

More May dates TBA
(working on AZ, CA, CO, NM w/very special guests Romantica)
She Ain’t Me released in Europe May 25th
29-May  (t)London radio day
30-May  (t)TBD (radio in London)
June European Tour
15-July  (t)Boise, ID @ Alive After Five Concert Series
16-July  Moscow, ID @ Rendezous in Moscow
More July dates TBA
6-Aug  Bethlehem, PA @ Musik Fest
More August dates TBA
6-Sep  (t)Seattle, WA @ Mural Ampitheater/Bumbershoot
 More September dates TBA