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Catskills Records is back with a stunning 2-CD set to celebrate 11 years of Catskills greatness!

posted Oct 16, 2008, 8:49 AM by Vu Nguyen
From Catskills Records

Catskills Digital Music Promo

turn your images on to see this promo in its full glory Catskills Records is back with a stunning 2-CD set to celebrate 11 years of Catskills greatness!

CD 1 - All new tracks and exclusive cover versions from all the Catskills artists.

CD - All the best tracks throughout the years as chosen by Catskills top cats.


Release Date: 27th October 2008


Catskills are one of those rare labels that critics and punters genuinely love. The never like to do things as they should be done.

Hence this first double CD celebrates their first 11and a half years in the game (they are working on Brighton time). Encapsulated here is a spanking new selection of freshly opened organic cat morsels, plus classic highlights from an abundantly fruitful past. Most of the new material is from Catskills artists dong cover-versions of their favourite Catskills tracks, alongside exclusive new tracks. This is the cream of the Catskills litter. You will probably know many of the tracks from the likes of Husky Rescue, and Pepe Deluxe, but you will also be surprised just how many familiar tunes there are here that have been in your summer soundtracks over the years. Get comfy and enjoy.

Catskills Records was formed 1997 by a London / Brighton collective to release underground talent from their home turf. The label represents the best that both scenes has to offer, and has since spread it's wings to other parts of the UK with Bushy, Zero Theory, Sonorous Star, Nylon Rhythm Machine, Black Grass, Vibra and now to Europe and the rest of the world with the signings of Pepe Deluxe and Husky Rescue from Finland and back again with burst of UK Punk attitude from The Ripps!

Unlike other record labels there is no formula to their ethos. No particular style and no particular genre of music that represents Catskills. Their original mission statement remains the same as it was from day one - it's all about the Head Nod Factor (tm), if it's got it then they'll spin it 'til it breaks their necks.

And yet 1st XI hangs together perfectly, like the sonic equivalent of a mini break in the sun, it effortlessly excites and rejuvenates.

Artists on the album reflect this ethos: with the sonic studio wizardry of Pepe Deluxe rubbing shoulders with the ruff and ready punk of The Ripps; The dancefloor killers of Bushy and the downbeat dreamscapes of Husky Rescue, Catskills is nothing if not diverse. And these tracks are belters.

Levis Twisted Jeans, iTunes / iPod, Lee Jeans, Ray-Ban, Hyundai are but a fraction of the worldwide brands that have used music from Catskills artist in successful advertising campaigns, as well as being featured in TV shows and films such as The Sopranos, Private Practice, One Tree Hill, Holes, The Girl Next Door Rat Race, The Real Sex In The City, Fifth Gear and many more. That'll be why there's an air of familiarity to what you are hearing, then!

CD 1:
Hold Fire - Black Grass
Lying Peacefully (Kidda Mix) - Pepe Deluxe
Going Home - Hardkandy
Mysterious / Beautiful - Bushy
I Am A King - Aldo Vanucci
Sawdust - Nylon Rhythm Machine
Side By Side - Zero Theory
Off License - The Ripps
Only Robots Have Digital Brains (Bushy Remix) - Nylon Rhythm Machine
The Good With The Bad - Hardkandy
Pussy Cat Rock (Live Session) - Pepe Deluxe
Jeans Off - Husky Rescue vs Pepe Deluxe

Indian Motorcycles - Sonorous Star
Spunky Love Fun - The Mexican
Drop - Bushy & Professor
Before You Leave - Pepe Deluxe
Le Salon - Capsule
Salami Fever - Pepe Deluxe
Channel Hopping - Feature Cast
Nice Up- Black Grass
When I See You Smile - Aldo Vanucci
New Light Of Tomorrow - Husky Rescue
Hey Y'All - Kidda
Summertime Cowboy - Husky Rescue
Advice (ft. Terry Callier) - Hardkandy
Oh Jah - Black Grass
Holiday - The Ripps
Nightless Night - Husky Rescue
Mischief Of Cloud Six - Pepe Deluxe