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Christine Hoberg's 'World Within'

posted Feb 28, 2014, 1:06 PM by Vu Nguyen
Brooklyn's Christine Hoberg Released Her Stunning New Album, World Inside, on February 11th.

“This album is about my fascination with worlds that exist within each other. I have very vivid dreams. We rest ourselves and awake in another world for hours each day. We spin on a tiny globe and can see the stars and forget that we are looking through a darkening atmosphere at suns that are much greater than ours. They have their own tiny planets and, odds are, other lives awake on those tiny spinning planets. We are marching around in a tiny universe. We have tiny microbes crawling on our skin making us their tiny universes. Every last human being grew inside the soul and capsule of a woman’s soul and self. We have an emotional and spiritual world we move within solely on our own. A world within a world. We are all held together inside of other worlds. Awake and asleep and awakening again without end into other worlds again.” – Christine Hoberg

Upcoming shows!

03.13.14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Bar Matchless
03.29.14 – New York, NY @ The Bitter End
05.09.14 – New York, NY @ Tammany Hall