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Civet (Hell Hath No Fury) & Static Thought (The Motive For Movement)

posted Sep 9, 2008, 9:16 AM by Vu Nguyen
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The Punkettes of Civet Lay Claim to the Title of “Queens of Noise” with their Rocking New Album Hell Hath No Fury


The ferocious hellions of Civet are set to unleash their Hellcat Records debut album entitled Hell Hath No Fury on 09/09/08. Hailing from the notorious punk stronghold of Orange County California, it’s obvious these brash young ladies have learned from their heroes, who, by the sound of it, are Joan Jett’s legendary Runaways and a whole bunch of power-chord wielding, blow your hair back classic punk rock bands from GBH to The Misfits and Motorhead.


"This album is definitely our fiercest to date,” the band proclaims. “It’s balls out, unapologetic femme-fatale punk rock and roll which is the music we love."


And the music Civet loves sounds like four ultra confident, delinquent sex bombs playing some of the loudest and fastest songs you’ve ever heard. Hell Hath No Fury is the perfect soundtrack to a night of unadulterated chaos, a careening joyride through a landscape of pool halls, girl-fights, pissed off lovers, and riotous all night punk shows.


Hellcat let the ladies loose in a recording studio with producer Julian Raymond and the result gives Civet’s raucous sound an added thickness and power without losing any of their primal street punk passion. Standout songs such as Son of a Bitch with it’s nasty surf guitar hook and anthem-like chorus and the memorable old-school punk pop of All I Want co-written with Rancid front-man Tim Armstrong   


"Working on this record was awesome,” the band says. “We pulled together all our different influences and laid down some real heartbreak songs with a couple of FTW ones thrown in for good measure. And we got to co write with Tim Armstrong which was amazing. This record really inspires us and we’re confident it will do the same for our fans - both new and old!"


Civet - Hell Hath No Fury

01 Do a line (of alibis)
02 Son of a Bitch
03 Pay Up
04 All I Want
05 Bad Luck
06 Brooklyn
07 Take me Away
08 1989
09 Gin n Tonic
10 You got it, what you wanted...
11 Sin City
12 You don't know me
13 Hell hath no fury


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East Bay Punks To Release Sophomore Album On September 9th


San Francisco’s snarling punk rockers Static Thought will release their sophomore album, The Motive For Movement, on September 9th.  Teaming up again with producer Dave Tweedie (No Doubt, Flipsyde, In The Trenches), Static Thought deliver a new album full of furious punk rock that channels the sheer energy of The Clash and the raw sound of The Nerve Agents, giving listeners a ‘motive for movement’ straight towards the circle pit.


The Motive For Movement separates Static Thought from the wash of generic punk rock with a original sound that is unlike any band today.  By creatively blending different styles of punk and creating skillful songs and great hooks, the band is able to keep the listener interested from beginning to the end. 

“We are trying to do our own thing and help start something new and exciting,” explains Eric Urbach (guitar/vocals).  “On our last album, In The Trenches, nobody talked about the lyrics and what we were trying to say.  The Motive For Movement deals with a lot of important topics such as sexism in the punk scene, the distortion of image, pop culture’s continuing role of dumbing down society, the destruction of the middle class, and more.  Most importantly though, the album is ultimately about unity, and embracing who we are as a community, and as a people.  Until we do that, nothing will change. This album is the motive for a movement in music and in the punk community.  We want everybody to be a part of it and help create something special.”

Be a part of the Movement this summer by catching Static Thought on tour!


The Motive For Movement Tracklisting:

  1. Faces
  2. The Reason I Breathe
  3. Anymore
  4. Third World
  5. Splinters and Stones
  6. Vindication
  7. Under The Sun
  8. Ambivalence
  9. How they Get By
  10. Terminus Mos Adveho
  11. Suburban Life
  12. Conquest Of Saints

Static Thought Tour Dates:

9/18 – Club House – Phoenix, AZ

9/19 – Blue Café – Huntington Beach, CA

9/20 – Crash Mansion LA – Los Angeles, CA

9/21 – The Parkside – San Francisco, CA

9/22 – The Boardwalk – Orangevale, CA

9/23 – Avalon Theater – Salt Lake City, UT

9/24 – Aggie Theater – Ft. Collins, CO

9/25 – Black Sheep – Colorado Springs, CO

9/26 – Marquis Theater – Denver, CO

9/27 – Conservatory – Oklahoma City, OK

9/28 – Club Dada – Dallas, TX

9/29 – Red Seven – Austin, TX

9/30 – Rock Bottom – San Antonio, TX

10/1 – Executive Surf Club – Corpus Christi, TX

10/2 – Walters on Washington – Houston, TX

10/17 – Gillman Street – Berkeley, CA

11/02 – Knitting Factory – Los Angeles, CA


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