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Correatown to release Spark. Burn. Fade. digital full length on May 26th.

posted May 11, 2009, 10:59 AM by Vu Nguyen
From Yukon

Correatown to release Spark. Burn. Fade. digital full length on May 26th.




Spark. Burn. Fade.


Digital: May 26, 2009 Physical LP: July 2009



“A heartfelt take on human interaction” – LA Times


“Correa could sing the horoscopes and draw you in…” –


“A thoughtful, intuitive catalog of songs that appeals to virtually anyone with an ear for subtle beauty.” – Salt Lake City Weekly




Correatown was a place that someone called her once. It was a funny name and a sad name all at once but it made sense at the time. You could ask for directions, you could stumble upon it, you could look and never find it. It doesn't really matter. You might find a house with a porch, a wall painted green, and an old sun bleached wooden swing chair. You might sit there awhile and then you might hear the stories that become song- brought out with wood, strings, air, a little inflection, some sadness but mostly memory.


Originally from a small town in Northern California, singer songwriter Angela Correa has lived and traveled over much of the world. Those explorations stay close to her, one of the reasons why the music skirts genres; it is an amalgam of fuzzed out lo-fi indie rock, early American folk and the darker tones of classic rock. Influenced as much by Elisabeth Cotton and Jack Elliot as PJ Harvey and Neil Young, Correatown brings subtle stories to life with fluid melodies and distinctive arrangements. Haunting, genuine, beautiful and sparse are words often used to describe the music of Correatown.


A much beloved fixture of L.A's eastside music scene, Angela Correa spent the last few years gaining recognition for her shows, whether performing solo or with a full band. Los Angeles Weekly declared "You read it here first: Angela Correa is going to be a much-loved L.A. artist." She has garnered praise for her DIY ethic, successfully acting as her own manager, record label and booking agent. Angela's approach as an artist only begins with storytelling - texture, color, patterns, and design are woven into the music and the art of her albums, which she often arranges, designs and assembles by hand. Over the course of her brief career she has released two full-length albums, two EPs, and licensed songs to several hit TV shows, including Grey's Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, Without A Trace, and The OC, as well as several indie films. In 2007, Angela Correa's voice was featured as the singing voice of Jenna Fischer's character Darlene in the Sony Pictures film Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story on the songs "Let's Duet," "Darling," and "Beautiful Ride."


Her songs are both literate and whimsical, and the nuance and subtlety of her voice is what most intrigues listeners. Poetic and unprecise, Correatown is the place we've always wanted to be.


Spark. Burn. Fade. will be released digitally on May 26th with a physical release on 12” vinyl to follow in July.




01. Fascination
02. Racing Tides
All The World (I Tell Myself)
04. India Ink
05. Lock & Key
06. Pinwheels
07. Nightlight
08. Misbehave
Green Cotton Dress
10. Far Far Away
11. Glorybelt




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