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Dame Darcy announces new graphic novel: Gasoline

posted Sep 22, 2008, 2:42 PM by Vu Nguyen
From Jessisca Delfino

A new graphic novel written and Illustrated by Dame Darcy

Hardcover and cloth bound in Twall, Gold embossed, 192 pages. Black and White and color illustrated

contact: for ordering info and events details for book release for all Dame Darcy events and art etc.

Published by Merrell Books London/NYC

Death By Doll featuring songs from Gasoline CD released by Emperor Penguin Records

She is the earth's manifestation of true love. Her desires are delivered through the sensual art of music, lyrics and visual magic. Dame Darcy is an artist worthy of obsession.
Thurston Moore-  Sonic Youth

Gasoline is a Young Miss Havisham stripped naked by John Ruskin, or atleast that's one of the many richly delicious images that spring to my mind from the teeming mother lode authored within these exquisitely strange pages by the ingenious and inexhaustible Dame Darcy! '
Guy Maddin -Film Maker

There are artists that let loose and there are those that are let loose. Thank God Dame Darcy is both. Comics mainstream and indy alike have have become so rigid and predictable, but not Darcy's. Love and imagination and a little madness (in the best sense of the word) inform her highly original and eccentric comics. And that's the way I like them!'
Gilbert Hernandez -cartoonist of Love and Rockets


Through the destruction of contemporary society emerges a world of extremes. Nihilism vs. Socialism is the name of the game in a new time where magic replaces technology.

From the rubble and chaos emerge few survivors. Among them, the Armbusters, (a whimsical family of orphaned witches) quickly establish a utopian community. They uphold their position of power by holding elaborate rock opera voodoo rituals revolving around the maintenance of their car, the only working automobile remaining after the great disaster. To do this, they must venture outside their walls of protection in search of gasoline, now more precious than gold.

Their harrowing odyssey through aruined but aesthetically mesmerizing landscape where nature has reclaimed everything, leads The Armbusters to the many conflicts within themselves, and pits them against the conniving nihilists that now lurking the abandoned places of decaying urban sprawl. The new dark age is upon them.

Their post-apocalyptic tale is one of hope, and through their trials, they learn to adopt a new way of functioning and are forced to change in order to survive the hazardous and barren wasteland they now inhabit.

Through their unique experience, they find many ways to accomplish the same objective, and are exposed to all of the choices and alternatives existing those they were previously blind to while caught up in a life of comparative luxury.

Gasoline is a supremely artistic and entrancingly bizarre story with contemporary relevance and an ecological message. It provokes intellectual and creative questions, examines human fallibility, and shows us how we can live today, this moment, in harmony with the natural world. It is a perilous and visually stunning tale of danger and suspense, of heartbreak and redemption, of versatility, compassion, strength, and above all, the perseverance of magic and love.