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Dark Knights Of Camelot release "Hurrication" EP via Olympic Records TOMORROW!

posted Jul 13, 2009, 1:38 PM by Vu Nguyen
Dark Knights Of Camelot release Hurrication EP via Olympic Records TOMORROW!

Dark Knights of Camelot’s debut release, the Hurrication EP, is their valiant, heavy-hitting response to modern day lackluster music. Born in Hattiesburg, MS this robust power trio sets themselves apart by embedding structurally complex songs with accessible, melodic hooks. The songs mix epic and soulful themes with elements of Alternative, Classic Rock, Grunge, and Stoner Rock creating a bittersweet and hypnotic mood.

Residing in small town Mississippi unfettered by formulated scenes and trends, the Dark Knights of Camelot hone a fresh and unique sound that could only be created in the South, the birthplace of Rock and Roll, Blues, Jazz, and Country.  With varied backgrounds and musical tastes, the members of Dark Knights of Camelot come together to form an entity larger than the sum of its parts. Behind the kit is Simon Davenport, who subtly incorporates the tasteful solidity of Steve Jordan, the raucousness of Dave Grohl, and the head-bobbing creativity of Zigaboo Modeliste.  Bassist Harry Crumpler III, completing a thunderous rhythm section, shares Davenport’s driving precision and acute articulation.  Pumping out fluid lines replete with harmony and melody, it’s no surprise that Crumpler was originally a saxophonist.  As he strives to tame overdriven tones with mindfulness of groove and dynamics, the approach of Nick Oliveri, James Jamerson, and Flea come to mind.  This trio’s massive and rich sound can be attributed to the double threat of guitarist and vocalist Ben Shea. Shea approaches each song with a mixture of colorful chords, bleeding melodic lines, and gritty, heartfelt solos echoing the past while plowing new ground.  His druggish voice mumbles cryptic lyrics, leaving indirect clues for the listener to internalize their meaning.

The name ‘Dark Knights of Camelot’ was first used in the summer of 2006 to represent a project that childhood best friends Shea and David Stark began. They independently released four songs entitled “Roughs.”  With Stark busy touring and recording with the Songs of William, Dark Knights of Camelot was more of a concept than a concrete band.  As Shea’s other project Stale Fashion began to gain more momentum, the idea of Dark Knights of Camelot was cast aside. After playing with Stale Fashion for a year, Shea left the band to rekindle the vision of Dark Knights of Camelot.  In January 2008, Shea and bassist, keyboardist, and guitarist of This Orange Four, Harry Crumpler began working with each other.  Brad Newton, longtime bandmate of Crumpler, became their interim drummer.  After writing a substantial amount of material together, Shea and Crumpler decided to consolidate all of their musical needs to the Dark Knights of Camelot. Seeking a full-time drummer became the two’s next initiative.  There was only one perfect prospect, Davenport, an enthusiastic drummer whom Shea had played with very briefly a few years prior. The newly formed three-piece immediately began fervently touring, and has continued to do so throughout the United States and Canada.  Through constant playing, writing, rehearsing, and promoting, Dark Knights of Camelot are living their music.  The trio’s debut EP Hurrication was recorded in January 2009 at Olympic Records in Jackson, MS, seventy-five percent of which was recorded live in order to preserve the mass amount of energy they emit during live shows.

Tour Dates
08.14.09 - Jackson, MS - Hal and Mal's Red Room
08.15.09 - Tuscaloosa, AL - Egan's
08.22.09 - Jackson, MS - Old Tavern
09.02.09 - Little Rock, AK - White Water Tavern
09.05.09 - Memphis, TN - Buccaneer