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David Lynch and Flavorpill unveil short video for Ariana Delawari's Lions of Panjshir

posted Feb 4, 2010, 10:40 AM by Vu Nguyen

David Lynch and Flavorpill unveil new promo for Ariana Delawari's Lions of Panjshir

Recorded in Kabul, Afghanistan and finished in Los Angeles, Delawari's debut LP "Lion of Panjshir" features players from around the world and some production from Lynch himself.

VIDEO: Ariana Delawari performs selections from Lion of Panjshir
New MP3: San Francisco
MP3: Be Gone Taliban

"Ariana writes great songs - they are filled with feelings and thoughts from her life - her life in Hollywood and life in Afghanistan where her roots are -  ancient and modern flow together here. This mixture of cultures and her melodies and lyrics conjure a great unique feeling in people - people are surprised and emotionally moved by this music. Ariana's got something tossing about and she does it real well-- it's a beautiful album she's made." - David Lynch

DLF.TV is proud to present this exclusive interview with Ariana Delawari. Ariana is delightful and intriguing. Her music is deep, powerful, with modern tones and ancient origins.

More than just a debut album from a gifted young storyteller, Ariana Delawari's "Lion of Panjshir" is a psychedelic folk journey with a very interesting story behind it. Recorded in both Kabul and Los Angeles, Delawari's own guitar, piano, and vocal melodies are soaked in classical Afghan rhythms and echoes of Laurel Canyon rock & roll. Delawari delivers a fresh and impassioned sound that exudes a universal spirit.

Delawari's choice to record "Lion of Panjshir" in Afghanistan came with a phone call in February 2007: "It was my mother from Kabul telling me that the Taliban was starting to gain power again," she says. As part of a reconstruction effort, Delawari's parents had returned to Afghanistan in 2002; she herself had been going back and forth since then, diligently documenting her travels in photographs and film. The call though, signaled what might be a last opportunity for her: "At this particular moment I had a feeling that things were shifting- that I may never have the chance to record there again." Three months later she and her bandmates Max Guirand and Paloma Udovic found themselves at her parents house in Kabul. Under the protection of two guards (AK 47s), they recorded the album right in the Delawari household. They collaborated with three Afghan Ustads: a tabla player, a rabab player, and an 88-year-old dilruba player, the last living master of his instrument. Under previous Taliban rule these talented musicians had once dismantled and hid their instruments due to a ban on music. Delawari and her band spent several days rehearsing and recording with them. The album was then finished in Los Angeles, featuring additional guest musicians and mixed by David Lynch. The album also includes one song "Suspend Me" produced by Lynch himself. The name "Lion of Panjshir" is an homage to the Afghan revolutionary Ahmad Shah Massoud.

Her previous recordings include the song "Crazy for You", part of a Madonna tribute released by Manimal Vinyl. Delawari is also a member of the LA Ladies Choir, whose first album will be coming out soon on Teenage Teardrops. Delawari both sings and plays guitar on the album.

Delawari is a multi-media artist; in addition to her music she is also an actress, photographer, and filmmaker. A graduate of USC Film School, she's currently co-directing a documentary about her family's involvement in Afghanistan, and the making of her album there with Emily Lynch.

OUT NOW; vinyl out Spring 2010
David Lynch Mc (CD/Digital)
Manimal Vinyl (LP)

"Lion of Panjshir is Psychadelic folk rock with deep influences of traditional Afghan music. Haunting Afghan lyrics suddenly morph into English, translated through Delawari's vulnerable, girlish yet powerful voice; she embodies the raucous rants of Janis Joplin and the modest feistiness of Cat Power...The compositions have the power to drop your heart in a chord change." - LA WEEKLY

"The album sweeps along on extravagant rowls of fuzz and trippy, slurring string arrangements. Sitars hum, and Asian percussion pops." - POP MATTERS

"Lion of Panjishir showcases not only versatility, but depth, warmth, and honest emotion as well as musical sophistication. Delawari is a gifted songwriter who understands the true nature of collaboration with her equally talented friends" - ALL MUSIC GUIDE

"Ferocious and visceral piece of agit-pop." NY TIMES