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David Novick To Release Your Sister's Hand On 3/18

posted Feb 24, 2014, 9:51 AM by Vu Nguyen
With all thanks to GOD?, San Francisco Water Cooler's David Novick has cycled back around for his second album release in less than a year. The reason for this rush-release? It's AWESOME! Your Sister's Hand stands distinctly from his debut, bringing the deep-country campfire folk vibe in from the great out-of-doors, where the shape of the sound is more defined - more pronounced, forward and colorful in arrangement, all of which allows the songs to shine brighter.


Your Sister's Hand was recorded in a room in San Francisco, but manages to convey a message from way out there in the pasture. Endlessly falling in love with a crumbling world, David's songs reach towards the sight of eternity, but the textures of electric and acoustic guitars add contrast as they sooth and bristle next to each other as drums and vocal harmonies leave ghostly thumbprints upon the images.


Your Sister's Hand opens with a guitar piece, with layers reaching through the styles of time and feeling almost classical in moments. Then the album hits stride with "Beneath the Line," (one of two songs featuring GOD? boss Ty Segall on drums) a hushed, acoustic pop-rock song featuring a chorus of female voices singing the winsome melody in a fashion that recalls Rasa Davies incandescent contributions to the early Kinks' hits. Some Fripp-Eno worthy guitar leads follow, and then the title track, which continues to mine that classic era of warped pop hit making while not once sacrificing David's all-natural folkish air. And so Your Sister's Hand lifts into space. Filled with light and fragrant sounds and songs, Your Sister's Hand flows in a sweetly straight and true arc, a hypnotic day-trip that wants to ride along with you as you go.


Your Sister's Hand tracklisting:

01. Gate

02. Beneath the Line

03. Inside the Eye

04. Your Sister's Hand

05. Until You Show

06. Ash

07. Last Moon

08. Carry Home The Light

09. Memory