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Dead Trees bring you King of Rosa, the follow up to their much loved Fort Music EP this fall on Milan Records, tour dates coming soon

posted Sep 15, 2008, 2:10 PM by Vu Nguyen
From Tell All Your Friends

Things Happen Mighty Fast For The Dead Trees...

When it all started out, Matthew, Noah, Tad and Michael weren’t really a ‘band’ exactly but the fruits this “not band” ended up being the much loved Fort Music EP earlier this year.
 Last spring, The Dead Trees self released Fort Music EP was widely supported through the Coalition of Independent Music Stores and landed these friends from Boston to supporting Albert Hammond, Jr. on a national tour. They just about burned down the Metro in Chicago, abandoned a broken down van somewhere in Iowa (which is heavily chronicled in along the way playing shows that LA’s The House Of Blues in LA and Webster Hall in NYC.

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 Listen to Shelter from King of Rosa!
 The Dead Trees found a home with Milan Records. King Of Rosa will be released November 11th

Quotes Quotes!
Albert Hammond Jr.:
"The Dead Trees are a band you'll wish you'd found sooner."

 “Rough and shaggy, semi-stoned, the songs glide on by, casting a bemused eye over typical suburban weirdness. The Dead Trees sound is studied casualness, indie-folk so lackadaisical you can hear it shrug. Think Pavement’s insouciant country without the archness. “
 PopRock Candy Mountain:
 If you are fortunate enough to have The Dead Trees Fort Music EP, then you are holding one of those legendary “Indie rock” artifacts that surface from time to time.....The Dead Trees, whose sound could be described as “Wall of Sound-power pop,”– reminiscent of The Beatles, Badfinger, Big Star and The Meat Puppets”
 Busted Up Bulldozers:
 “....garage band Americana with, maybe just a hint of British invasion..”
 Boston Music Spotlight:
 “The Dead Trees have a lot going for them.”
 Williamette Week:
 “Many of the band's tracks sound like the Strokes getting high and tripping out on some serious Americana. Things are restrained, just a bit hazy—but would you want it any other way?”
 Portland Mercury:
 “The Dead Trees are recent Portland transplants who play charming, groovy rock 'n' roll with folksy twists, wordless falsetto backing vocals, and durable melodies. It's a sound that's either lost in time or perfectly of the now....”

                                       Who Are The Dead Trees
 Matthew, Noah, Tad and Michael began work on what would become the Fort Music EP. They were longtime friends and had played around Boston in various configurations for years. Michael and Noah has recently played with local friends Drug Rug. When the boys gathered in Dec ’06 to record some new songs of Michael’s there were no grand plans to see through or deadlines to meet. They had an engineer friend and a couple hundred bucks and some notions about maybe making some back to basics rock and roll. Luckily for everyone, that approach seemed to work just fine, and after two weeks in an Allston, MA basement they had Fort Music all wrapped up and, more importantly, were most definitely a band. Fort Music  EP was widely supported through the Coalition Of Independent Music Stores in spring, 2008.
 These modest beginnings play out in the The Dead Trees’ music in the best way – there’s no artifice here, not much “production” to speak of, just a bunch of good musicians doing what comes naturally on a batch of deceptively elegant songs. Two guitars, background vocals here and there, a manic drum fill when necessary. It all feels easy and right. Says Michael: “We don’t deprive any of our songs. They’re like our children, all different and each as important as the next. We're just borrowing from our heroes and trying to raise a family.”
 Since those basement sessions things have happened pretty fast – the band sent some CDs around, and next thing you know The Dead Trees were supporting Albert Hammond, Jr. on a national tour, did The House Of Blues in LA, Webster Hall in NYC, just about burned down the Metro in Chicago, and abandoned a broken down van somewhere in Iowa. There were showcases at Spaceland and Mercury Lounge and interest at labels was piqued.  Now being represented by the management duo of  Bryna Gootkind (Melissa Ferrick, Port O’Brien) and Ryan Gentles (The Strokes, Albert Hammond, Jr.), they’ve relocated to Portland, Oregon where they set to work on their debut LP, King Of Rosa. After signing a Japan-only deal with Japan’s leading indie label Five Many Army, the band was invited to perform at the Summer Sonic Festival in Tokyo and Osaka in the summer of 2008 in support of the upcoming release.
 The band plan on touring in support of King Of Rosa throughout the fall/winter of 2008, and into 2009.

Matthew Borg - guitar
 Noah Rubin - drums/vocals
 Tad Dahlhoff - bass/vocals
 Michael Ian Cummings - vocals/guitar