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Dish - Florida duo reminiscent of Latin Playboys, Okkervil River, early TVOTR, et al.

posted Mar 28, 2009, 1:00 PM by Vu Nguyen
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Roberto and Nathaniel Aguilar are brothers. No Jack-and-Meg-White mystery about it. The two members of Dish have bickered on family car trips, fought over bunk beds and cruised the streets of their hometown of Damascus, Maryland their whole lives.
But more importantly, they discovered music together, and the pairing of Roberto’s organic, genre-busting singing and guitar work with Nathaniel’s junk-gypsy found percussion has been a decade in the making (check out plenty of shots of Nathaniel’s “junk” drums HERE.) That’s exactly what Dish is, two left-of-center musical minds preternaturally in tune with each other to create a sound without peer on the current pop scene.
Their debut EP Los Angeles, which has been called an impressionist dreamscape, came from a feverish three-day recording session in Los Angeles produced by drummer Jay Bellerose (Robert Plant, Beck, Ray Lamontagne) and Jen Condos (Don Henley, Ryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen) and engineered by Ryan Freeland (who recently helmed Aimee Mann’s The Forgotten Arm).
A year later the Aguilar brothers took a year and produced the album Ma Raison De Vivre Ton Amour (Your Love Is My Reason To Live) which is their most complete work yet. With collaborations and the room to stretch out artistically, Dish has been described as “Jeff Buckley as an ADHD-riddled nine-year-old playing prodigious poly rhythms on pots ‘n pans” and been compared to Flaming Lips with snippets of Radiohead. 
Their latest CD is raw, organic, strong, dark and beautiful, (something their fans are accustomed to in their live shows – see HERE.) It’s that intensity of performance and song craft that have, quite simply, leveled audiences wherever Dish has played. Come for the buckets, stay for the groundbreaking music. Dish will play your kitchen sink and blow the roof off the place. There are no mistakes, only sounds with intention. Intention is everything.

Artist: Dish
Title: Ma Raison De Vivre Ton Amour
Label: ROA Records
Release Date: March 24
th, 2009
01. Chase My Ghost
02. Cold Is
03. This Ain’t Livin’ (MP3)
04. Interlude
05. Death And Romance
06. I Saw A Bird
07. Zombie Love Song
08. Letter To You
09. Tired Of Writing Songs
10. I Will Run For Our Love
11. Closer Dead
12. Family Tree
13. The Song I Couldn’t Say
14. Pictora
15. Flutter