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Doctor Rosen Rosen- FULL Lily Allen remix album "It's Not Me, It's Doctor Rosen Rosen" HERE!

posted Jul 22, 2009, 11:37 AM by Vu Nguyen
 Lily Allen's latest album, It's Not Me, It's You, has been remixed in its entirety
by LA-producer Doctor Rosen Rosen and is finally available for free download today. 
Doctor Rosen Rosen has reinvented all 12 songs using only Lily's original vocals,
replacing everything else with his own musical touch to create a completely different album!
Click here for Doctor Rosen Rosen's entire album It's Not Me, It's Doctor Rosen Rosen.

Should you want to post the album, please use this link:

Why did the good Doctor do it? In his own words...

I saw Lily Allen for the first time in 2006 while on tour in Iceland. We didn't actually meet face to face and I didn't even catch her name; my introduction was seeing her video for "Smile" in a crappy hotel room. A few days later I was strolling around a gigantic Virgin Record store in London, when I saw a poster of her and the name... Lily Allen. I snagged her debut record and went home to New York a fan.

Fast forward to 3 years later: Lily Allen is a bonefied pop-star and is releasing her second album It's Not Me, It's You. I reach out to her US record label to see if they were commissioning any remixes... no dice. Lily was, however, releasing all of the parts to all of the songs on the album so anyone could remix them. Brilliant. I knew I had to remix the whole album.

One thing I really like about Lily Allen is her knack for pairing bouncy music with not-so-bouncy lyrics. My goal in remixing her entire record was to see what would happen if I placed Lily's voice and lyrics into new musical landscapes that were a complete departure from the original recordings. As most of the original album It's Not Me, It's You is upbeat (thanks to Greg Kurstin's awesome production) my remixed version It's Not Me, It's Doctor Rosen Rosen takes on a darker/dreamier tone. I mixed a lot of organic sounds (pianos, strings, glockenspiel, horns) with dreamy synths, deep basses, and big drums to create a totally new record. I produced, composed, and mixed all of the music you hear. The only original parts I used were Lily's vocal tracks.

I really enjoyed making this and I hope you enjoy listening.
Best, Doctor Rosen Rosen
The LA based producer/artist took on Lily Allen, remixing all of It's Not Me, It's You,
creating a much deeper, darker version of the original album. 
All production is by Doctor Rosen Rosen - the only samples used are Lily's vocals.

The Doctor has remixed an eclectic mix of artists from Department of Eagles to Britney Spears to Alaska in Winter to Chris Cornell to creating beats for G-Unit and most recently remixing Lisztomania by Phoenix

Quotes and Quotes
"This is just what the doctor ordered." - ARJAN WRITES
"I think I’m in love…..again. Doctor Rosen Rosen has this magical touch, that turns the ugliest frogchoons into the most decadent, ambient and beautiful princes." - FUTURISTIC SCIENCE
"And damnit, he did a great job!" - PIGEONS AND PLANES
"Doctor Rosen Rosen is kinda extraordinary..... I think that I might actually like his remix more than the original track.” - MOSSIP
"The remixed version really packs more emotional oomph into the song and it emerges as a must-have for Lily Allen fans." - REMIX GALLERY
“A new dark prince of alt-pop to start rooting for...” - MIXTAPE MAESTRO
“Always with the muthafuk'n flugel horn...” - STEREOGUM
“Remixer extraordinaire...” - ARJAN WRITES
“Dark side of alt-pop phenom...” - CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND
“Alternative pop at its best is Doctor Rosen Rosen...” - MINORITY WEIRDOS
"Doctor Rosen Rosen’s remixes are better than the originals. Yeah, I said it." - BURNS REVIEW
"Absolutely mesmerizing--don't miss out on this." - MUU MUSE