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Domino drops Shunda K. Shunda K drops 42 hits.

posted Jun 17, 2009, 9:02 AM by Vu Nguyen   [ updated Jun 18, 2009, 9:39 AM ]
JUNE 16th, 2009: Immediately Released!


Domino drops Shunda K.  Shunda K drops 42 hits.


See Shunda K w/ Peaches in DC on June 17th and Brooklyn on June 19th.



“I know who I am and know dat God loves me, man, straight up. Stress free, y’all...” – Shunda K


Shunda K of Yo! Majesty has parted ways with Domino Records and is marking the occasion with the release of 42 new tracks via two very special mix tapes – and all for free“Domino didn’t move quickly enough for me!,” she says, relieved to be able to make this material available immediately.  





The first collection, The Best Eva Written… Outkast, is the beginning of the thematic “Best Eva Written” series which appropriates existing work (in this case, Outkast instrumentals) to illustrate a new overarching album concept (in this case, being a societal outkast.) 20 new tracks… hosted by France’s DJ Keshkoon.



Shunda explains, “I’ve been da outcast all my damn life. Being gay & being raised in a religious household is not a great match.  It’s God HISSELF dats blessing me with everything I have from da knowledge to da wisdom, to da woman in my life & my career. Da devil is a liar!!!”





The second group of songs, Shunda K: Kollaborations, is just that.  Listen as Shunda shares the spotlight with 22 emerging artists, giving ‘em all a chance to shine. Mixed by Tampa’s DJ ChangBang.


Twenty-two new Shunda K collabs with artists such as Peaches, WeHaveLove, Caspa Codina, Tha Pumpsta, Raspberry Cocaine, Rosetta Stoned, Blaque Pop, DJ Orion, DJ Deekline, Cindy Wonderful & Scream Club, Killola, A1 Baseline, and more!




See Shunda K w/ Peaches in DC on June 17th and Brooklyn on June 19th. Missed the LA shows?  Follow the links below!


Jun 17 Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club w/ Peaches

Jun 18 Washington, DC @ EXPO

Jun 19 Brooklyn @ Music Hall of Williamsburg w/ Peaches

Jun 20 Baltimore BOLT @ The Hexagon

Jun 21 Philadelphia M ROOM


Peaches recently invited Shunda K to open her two Los Angeles shows and to perform their hit collaboration “Billionaire” from the new Peaches album I Feel Cream.  So, last Saturday night, the crowd roared as Shunda appeared in real life instead of on a screen.


Later at the Echoplex, Shunda was joined on stage by R.A.I.D. to perform the Yo! Majesty / Depeche Mode / Enya mash-up, “Just Can’t Get Enough Club Action.”  Shunda invited R.A.I.D to back her up the following evening during her second show with Peaches.




“So I jus want you to add something in da press release stating dat I’m looking to spread da awareness of who I am and what I’m about by touring the world in what I will call ‘The Real Love Tour’ and dat I’m looking for promoters and bookers to assist me with dis vision. They can contact me at shundak[A]”



artist: Shunda K

title: Shunda K Presents: The Best Eva Written… Outkast

label: GMEQCA

release: June 16, 2009



artist: Shunda K

title: Shunda K: Kollaborations

label: GMEQCA

release: June 16, 2009