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Dungen - 4

posted Oct 5, 2008, 8:47 AM by Vu Nguyen
 10/05/2008 10:32:48  written by vu ()
Dungen-Det Tar Tid
Tour Dates
10/24/08 Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg (Kemado/CMJ)
10/27/08 Hoboken, NJ - Maxwell's
10/28/08 Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda's
10/30/08 Boston, MA - Great Scott
10/31/08 Toronto, ONT - Horseshoe Tavern
11/01/08 Ann Arbor, MI - Blind Pig
11/02/08 Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge
11/04/08 Minneapolis, MN 400 Bar
11/07/08 Seattle, WA - Chop Suey
11/08/08 Portland, OR - Doug Fir
11/10/08 SF, CA - Bottom of the Hill
11/11/08 Visalia, CA - Cellar Door
11/12/08 Los Angeles, CA - The Echo
I actually would rather Soup write about this band, but seeing he's got a lot on on plate and that I need this one up right away... I'm taking over this one.

At first, I thought this Swedish band was called "dungeon", like maybe it's the word for dungeon in Swedish, but as it turns out, it's pronounced "doong-en" (translates to "the grove").

Dungen, from my limited knowledge of the band, comes off their 4 album as sounding like classic rock or even psychedelic-sounding (60s/early 70s-inspired). Between these instrumentals are pop songs. I know that sounds weird, but it's a mix of pop and classic rock.

It should be noted that although I use the word 'pop' music, I use it loosely to describe some of their 60s-inspired songs. In fact, although briefly signed to major label, Dolores/Virgin, the band quickly went back to their indie label Subliminal Sounds because they felt that they were "not a pop act".

All the actual vocal tracks are sun in singer/composer Gustav Ejstes' native Swedish tongue, and, although it lends itself to being a little mysterious, people who don't speak Swedish won't really understand it and might be put off. Although, I will confess that the songs with lyrics on them are my favorite.

Among all the lyrics-based songs, I thought "Det Tar Tid" had a great variety mix of vocals and instrumentals. Guitar instrumental rock fans will want to check out "Samtidigt 1", which has some excellent guitar-playing. The guitar shredding seems improvised, but I'm certain it's all played to a T. The sequel, "Samtidigt 2", surprisingly a little toned down, but still features that electric guitar playing.

Going back to the title 4, maybe I'm missing something, but this is actually the fifth release from Dungen. I did manage to read their press material, and, according to the document, they say that 4 is the "fourth studio album".

Fans who were disappointed that they didn't tour last year for Tio Bitar, will be happy to know that they are doing some touring for this album - starting right off at CMJ. Be sure to pick up 4 on limited edition clear vinyl (only 1,500 copies were pressed) if you see them. If you can't make it to their show, I'm sure you can order it online if it's not already sold out.

Dungen's 4 was released on September 30th on Kemado Records.