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Eagle and Talon Announce New Album!

posted Apr 9, 2009, 11:25 AM by Vu Nguyen
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Eagle and Talon


(Digital Release: April 9th; Physical Release: June 23rd)


"This self-described ‘leotard rock’ band uses their wacky auditory tricks and sing-songy vocals to create messed-up lullabies" – Nylon


"Artlessly jagged post-punk that's got fun in it even when it's being serious." – Village Voice


" Wonderfully underproduced… Kim's voice, sweet and strong, braves the rapids of this melodic current with powerful self-assurance." – Los Angeles Times


Part minimalist noise-rock outfit, part vivacious girl duo, and part eccentric storytellers, Los Angeles’ Eagle and Talon have always been masters at weaving musical dichotomies.  On their acclaimed 2006 EP, Eagle and Talon Cares, duo Kim Talon & Alice Talon gave us a preliminary taste of their distinctive playground-chant-meets-art-rock tunes.  After touring extensively with Sia as well  as cultivating a cult following at their own raucous shows playing with the likes of Scout Niblett, The Mae Shi, Scissors for Lefty and Bodies of Water, the ladies are back with their long awaited full length album, Thracian, to be released digitally TODAY, April 9th and physically on June 23rdEagle and Talon will also make their television debut on April 21st when they perform music from their new record on Beverly Hills 90210


With the release of Thracian, Eagle and Talon have expanded their minimalist arsenal of guitar, casios and drum beats, employing organs, flugal horn, piano, and lead guitar noise by friend Andrew Jeffords.  The result is a beautifully perplexing mix of angular art-rock squeals, childlike melodies, dissonant riffs, and vocals that alternate from sweet to sour then back again.  Produced by Kim & Alice, the album was recorded throughout Los Angeles in locations including Red Rocket’s Glare, Phantom Vox, and their living rooms. From beginning to end, the 11 track record plays out a wacky sense of sophistication that is refreshingly assured in its off kilter delivery.  Whether plowing through the unhealthy habit of, "bowing to the labels to the suits, to the television hands and knees" (see: “Ice Life”) or following relentless wails with sweet sing-songy verses (see: “The All Best” followed by “Georgia”), Eagle & Talon have constructed a living organism with a complexity that ebbs and flows with each listen.  Nuanced touches of jagged guitar may become apparent on one take, while what seemed to be obscure lyrics suddenly becomes poetry on the second spin.  With moments both lovely and menacing, Thracian is music that meanders before it attacks. It’s both the enigma and the resolution, forging a sound that makes you wonder if you’re being pet by a kitten or mauled by a lynx.



1. Hot Caught

2. All Of My Guardians

3. The All Best

4. Georgia

5. Ice Life

6. It’s a Fortress

7. Moisturizer (Wheat Calls)

8. One Lark

9. Tight Score

10. Coast That’s Closest

11. We Were Figs