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Eagle Winged Palace's "Hand of Doom" EP out today on Park the Van Records

posted Mar 25, 2009, 11:16 AM by Vu Nguyen
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Eagle Winged Palace’s Hand of Doom EP out today on Park the Van Records



                                                          Photo: Sterling Andrews



“Hand of Doom is an EP that not only hints at, promises and declares great things to come…nothing short of wonderful in its brisk, insular roots n’ roll.” – Web in Front

“Eagled Winged Palace have given LA a voice of the contemporary, of the West, and of a new folk willing to pave rather than comfortably follow.” – The Deli LA

“So often the word “unique” is used to describe a new band or artist but rarely is the word as applicable as it is to Eagle Winged Palace.” – LA City Zine (Beatcrave)


Hand of Doom, the debut EP from Los Angeles’ Eagle Winged Palace is available today from Park the Van Records (Dr. Dog, Spinto Band).  The digital release is available on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody and other like minded sites.  More info can be found at  The band just celebrated the release in Austin for SXSW at Park the Van’s official showcase.  Release shows are also scheduled for this Saturday March 28th at Noe Valley Ministry in San Francisco and Friday April 3rd at The Echo in Los Angeles.



Hand of Doom EP:

01.  Hand of Doom

02.  The Ballad of Red-Legged Hawks Fountain

03.  The Mansion on the Hill

04.  By God, Lets Make Sure That We Do It Tonight



Bio: (((Eagle Winged Palace))) are folk as ghost story. Spooky tales of weird edge of the earth California: Spanish ship wrecks slammed into the rocks of Big Sur; moon faced spirits of silent film stars darting through haunted Mediterranean palaces in Hollywood; migrants aching in the ruined farms of Salinas. A shambolic blend of magical realism, campfire legend and encroaching darkness that blot the mind of California folk act (((Eagle Winged Palace))).

Originally the solo project of Cashew, the former lead singer of The Prix, (((Eagle Winged Palace))) was structured around a singular aesthetic: skeletal acoustic folk stories about dead and gone, black and white California. When the Prix parted ways earlier this fall, the project became Cashew's main artistic focus and he soon decided to recruit a full working band to help carry out his vision. Turning to his friends, all Los Angeles natives themselves, he quickly recruited a group of kindred spirits. First came Michelle, a local poster artist, musician, and songwriter blessed with a bluesy voice and skillful finger picking abilities. Next came Mimi, a trapeze high-flyer model with a voice chaneling the Elysian beauty of deep Joshua Tree desolation. Then came Karma, whose own band (Super Karma) evokes the shadowy beauty of Elliot Smith while still maintaining her own knack for writing unique melodies and hooks. Finally, and ironically least predictably, came Cashew's wife, Uncle Rhea, a classically trained musician herself willing to step away from a high-profile scholarship to return to music for this new project.  Recently, local photograher who is sometimes referred to as “shutterface” Sterling Andrews, has worked her way into the permanent lineup after sitting in for Uncle Rhea as she had her and Cashew’s son this fall.

Currently recording their debut LP, Where We’re Coming From, they've released a digital EP on Park the Van Reords called Hand of Doom. Download it. Stream it. Give it to your girlfriend as a present and tell her you recorded it yourself. The bottom line is keep an ear out for (((Eagle Winged Palace))) – Jeff Weiss (LA Weekly, Los Angeles Times)


Upcoming Shows:

March 28 @ Noe Valley Ministry w/Winter Flowers – San Francisco, CA

April 03 @ The Echo – Los Angeles, CA




Visit the band online: