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East of the Wall's antagonistic, atmospheric, a cappella attack

posted Sep 11, 2008, 5:19 AM by Vu Nguyen
From Earsplit
Born from the dissolution of the Postman Syndrome, East of the Wall formed as Brett Bamberger (bass, Biclops/ex-Day without Dawn/ex-Postman Syndrome) and Mike Somers (drums, ex-Postman Syndrome) joining forces with guitarist Jeff Speidell (Delft). The self-titled EP that followed was noteworthy for its duplicitous nature, straddling the line between an engulfing ambience and crushing force. Shortly after the release of the EP, the band added guitarist Matt Lupo (ex-Postman Syndrome) to its ranks and began working on the material that would eventually become its latest release, Farmer’s Almanac. In the spring of 2007, Speidell left the band to pursue other musical interests and was replaced by Kevin Conway (Biclops).


Farmer’s Almanac is a fully-realized vision, drawing inspiration from a wide range of emotions and ideas. Rather than songs designed to be viewed as individual compositions, the record provides a linear listening experience, where monstrous riffs dissolve into beautiful melodies seamlessly. Recorded in February 2008 by Colin Marston (Dysrhythmia, Behold…the Arctopus, Krallice, Indricothere, Byla) at his studio in Queens, NY, East of the Wall captured a range of sonic possibilities that brought their concept to life. Farmer’s Almanac is a perfect storm of intricate compositions, carefully crafted tones and extraordinary performances, supplemented by a guest Warr Guitar solo by Marston. It inhabits a wide range of stylistic landscapes, making it accessible to fans of any genre of music. Farmer’s Almanac will be released this October on Forgotten Empire Records.

Farmer’s Almanac tracklisting

1. Meat Pendulum

2. Winter Breath

3. Century of Excellence

4. Switchblade Knife

5. Clowning Achievement

6. Unwanted Guest (I)

7. Unwanted Guest (II)

8. I am Crying Nonstop Hysterically


Right now the band is focused on writing their next full length which will be preceded by a split release on Level Plane Records with Rosetta and Year of no Light, both to be released next year. Eastern US shows will be top priority alongside spending ample time in the booth concocting the next record... tour news to be announced soon. If you see crushed up piels cans in the parking lot of your local venue, you may have missed the show.  


EOTW live:

09/21/2008 The Saint - Asbury Park, NJ


More shows/tour news to be announced shortly. Get up with Earsplit to get down on some hot and heavy interview-action with EotW.