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Ehnahre's death-doom molestation...

posted Aug 6, 2008, 5:39 AM by Vu Nguyen
From Earsplit
The first cooperation between Earsplit and the UK's Sound Devastation Records comes in the from of the crushing and tumultuous debut release from Bostonian outfit Ehnahre. The members of the avant-death project culminate from fallout of bands such as Biolich, Kayo Dot, Forcefedglass (went on to form Converge...) and more, here combining their influences into a uniquely infectious, technically-driven, artistically-drunk gut-punch of death/doom experimentation.
A concept record in five parts, based on the writings of Donald Justice, the debut album The Man Closing Up is something that can only be digested, not described accurately... dig, delve, and disgust yourself in it's gutsy glory... clips from the monstrosity are posted on the band's MySpace page now.
Ryan McGuire - bass, double-bass, voice, percussion
John Carchia - guitar, voice
D.J. Murray - guitar, voice, keyboard
Andrew Hock - guitar
Tom Malone - drums, guitar

Other contributors-
Jonah Jenkins - voice
Forbes Graham - trumpet
Greg Kelley - trumpet
Greg Massi - guitar
Noell Dorsey - voice
J Mark Inman - violin