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Electric Needle Room (indie pop from Omaha, Nebraska) mp3's from Series Two Records

posted Jan 28, 2009, 2:11 PM by Vu Nguyen
From Series Two Records

Elecric Needle Room is a 4 piece band that are from Omaha, Nebraska. They have a very nice style of music that would be described by some as Indie Pop. Their own music draws comparisons to bands such as The Beach Boys and Ben Folds Five. Others even compare them to They Might Be Giants. Their influences include Living and dying and also Sufjan Stevens. As the band says about the latter "That dude is a genius". 

If you will be in or around Nebraska in Feburary or March it would be worth your time to check the calendar on their myspace page for their shows and to hear their sounds. Their page is and they also have another page not owned by Rupert Murdoch which is

You can right click and download three free songs from the Electric Needle Room release by Series Two Records by going to this link

Electric Needle Room "Safe, Effective and Fun" 12 song release is currently available through Series Two Records and is available for 10 US Dollars and can be paid for by paypal
that price includes shipping costs to anyone anywhere in the world even if you are in Europe, Scandinavia, UK, Asia, Australia, Indonesia, Canada, USA, Latin America, and pretty much anywhere else you can think of.

The label sites and contact info for series two are: 

Series Two Records Press Kit (last revised January 22nd, 2009)

Series Two Records is a CDR label based in Columbus, Nebraska. Series Two started officially in early 2006 (although the idea for the label came in March of 2002 when Christopher received from his uncle CDs of Omaha bands Desaparecidos and The Faint). Series Two Records currently works with promoting bands through the myspace page (which is; through College Radio in USA and Canada; Through International Pop Radio Programs; For review on Websites all over USA, Latin America, Canada, Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and else where.

Series Two Records made history in 2008 by releasing bands from all over the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Japan, China, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Croatia, New Zealand, Latvia, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Russia, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Finland, Brazil, Singapore, Israel and Switzerland and other places through a Series of (14) compilations which included over 300 different artists from around the world and also released select artists via full length releases. From February 2008 through October 28; Series Two Records had officially released (13) compilations totaling near 1000 minutes of music and released (24) full lengths and (1) EP. On January 20th Series Two Records released 9 brand new compilations featuring 204 different bands from across the world making Series Two Records compilations at a total of 23 compilations having been made featuring 522 different artists in all.

In the press Series Two Records has been praised by a long list of great music reviewers, blogs, radio programs, etc. if you'd like to read about us look at our great new site which is or look up "Series Two Records" on google. Reviews for each band on Series Two Records will be gathered and added to the website eventually in the near future.

Current and upcoming releases: can be viewed here and there is (3) free mp3 downloads from each full length release on Series Two Records and currently there is about 70 legal free downloads with artists consent from those artists that appeared on Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4 and Volume 5 which have since been sold out compilations.

Current Series Two Records bands: can be viewed in the band members section page on and in that section will be clickable links that will direct you to each bands own myspace page. Also the band members section is updated every few weeks so check back often to see who's made committments to release stuff in the near future via Series Two Records!

New Projects coming up: Many full lengths are planned to be released throughout 2009. There was 9 brand new compilations released on January 20th. Also there will be a Series of 3 inch mini CD releases which will include ep's and singles from particular artists and also will include some compilations. The 3 inch CD project will be released together in conjunction with my friend Ian Smith's label Eggnog Records of New Zealand. The 3 inch CD releases will be released together in clubs containing (5) different releases and each club will be limited to 50 copies (in other words just 50 clubs). Series Two Records will distribute 25 of the copies (in other words 25 clubs) while Eggnog Records distributes the other 25 copies (in other words 25 clubs). Our first club will hopefully appear officially on February 24th, 2009. Hopefully there will be multiple 3 Inch CD's announced throughout 2009. Also Series Two Records will release many full length records in 2009 starting the full length releases in early March.

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