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Electroclash icon Matt Sims to release Happily Ever After, a departure from dance music that brims with great songs.

posted Sep 19, 2008, 8:12 PM by Vu Nguyen
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September 18th, 2008


Electroclash icon Matt Sims to release Happily Ever After, a departure from dance music that brims with great songs. Download “The Bitten Bite Back” now.


Prince first dreamed up the blueprint for this kind of thing back in 1980 with the release of his galaxy-smashing Dirty Mind album. Glaring defiantly from the stark black-and-white cover clad in a pair of panties and a trench coat, the music inside was just as startling. Combing the swinging power pop of The Cars with gender-bending sexuality and a punk rock attitude, Dirty Mind can still warp a mind. Mt. Sims, from his blurry ethnicity to the studded neon girls at his flanks, has obviously learned a thing or three from the purple pioneer. But where Prince was always channeling heroes like James Brown and Little Richard, Sims’ sounds like he ultimately wants to grow up to become Soft Cell. Really, that’s all just shorthand for ‘ Mt. Sims has got it going on.’ – URB Magazine


Matt Sims began startling audiences since 2000 with his unusually provocative performances that mix equal amounts political satire , surreal imagery and sensual debauch. With three dancers (à la The Fall), this performance group explored the contemporary connections between media, consumerism, sex, and entertainment. Gaining comparisons from artist Paul McCarthy’s food work to James Brown’s hip work, this show caused enough of a stir to get the attention of DJ Hell who quickly signed them to his International DJ Gigolo Records label alongside the likes of Tuxedo Moon, Terence Fixmer, CROSSOVER, Vitalic and Linda Lamb. The release of Mt. Sims’s first album Ultrasex on Emperor Norton Records, now a cult classic electro-pop album, put Sims on the map internationally with the hit song “Hate Fuck.”


After releasing a second album Wild Light and touring extensively throughout Europe as a three-piece band (as opposed to a performance art piece as was the case with Ultrasex) Sims decided on breaking the band up and relocating to Berlin, Germany. It is here that Sims began working on the new incarnation of the band with Randy Twigg on bass, Andre Lange on drums, and Thomas Stern of Crime and The City Solution at the behind the sound and production. A long-distance friendship between Sims and Hungry Eye Records (New York City/ Montreal, home of The Bellmer Dolls, Sixteens, The Holy Kiss) led to a collaboration and the release of a limited 12”, the A Grave EP, and now the third full length, Happily Ever After. This new album is an even further departure from electronic dance music and is creepier and more aggressive in its content than any other Mt. Sims album, featuring guest musicians Jessie Evans (Vanishing, Autonervous, Subtonix) and Toby Damit (Swans, Iggy Pop).  Happily Ever After is set for release on Hungry Eye Records this fall.


Quote From The Press:

“Somewhere on the musical map between beauty and chaos.” – ReGen Magazine

“Most of the tracks burn along for a few minutes gradually building in strength and mood, and eventually blistering into a grand finale that might be dissonantly similar to watching a tragic automobile accident in slow motion.” –

“Teaming up with legendary Bauhaus/Love and Rockets player and Los Angeles fixture David J. assures that Sims’ credibility, as well as gothic-tinged-electro-sound is compelling, while his work with Air/Beck producer on lead single ‘Restless’ is a darkwave epic ripe for 2005 dancefloors” – All Music Guide

“It’s a post-punk, new-wave, rock-tinged effort that’s bathed in doom n’ gloom.” – Ink 19


Happily Ever After Tracklisting:

Release Date: October 21st, 2008


01. Happily Ever After

02. Grave

03. Playing For Keeps

04. Dig It In

05. Love's Revenge

06. Continuations

07. What’s The Big Deal?

08. Andy or Jenny

09. The Bitten Bite Back (MP3)

10. Hot Water Cold Blood

11. Window Window

12. Tight Rope


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