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Har Mar Superstar at the Varsity Theater, Minneapolis (11/06/09)

posted Nov 11, 2009, 10:45 AM by Vu Nguyen
Har Mar Superstar - Game Night
Har Mar Superstar
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11/08/09 Aquarium* Fargo, ND
11/09/09 Waiting Room* Omaha, NE
11/11/09 Brick Kansas City, MO
11/29/09 Oxford O2 Academy 3, UK
11/30/09 Relentless Garage London
12/01/09 Thekla Bristol, UK
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12/03/09 Cabaret Voltaire Edinburgh
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12/05/09 Brickyard Carlisle, UK
12/06/09 King Tut’s Wah Wah Glasgow
12/07/09 Ruby Lounge Manchester, UK
12/08/09 Plug Sheffield, UK
12/09/09 Academy 2 Dublin, Ireland
12/10/09 Stiff Kitten Belfast, Ireland
12/12/09 Concorde 2 Brighton, UK
12/13/09 Barfly Cardiff, UK

* with Bang Bang Eche

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Har Mar Superstar
Har Mar Mall - I mean Superstar - is back, after five years of absent since 2004's The Handler......
Parking in the college area known as "Dinkytown" in Minneapolis can be kind of hard, especially when the meters on 4th Street runs until 10pm. I didn't mind walking a few blocks to the beautiful Varsity Theater as the weather was nothing less than perfect that Friday evening.

Opening up for Har Mar Superstar are three very different genre and acts. Starting with Koo Koo Kangeroo (official / myspace), whose music styling is that of hip hop - for toddlers. Their songs are dead simple, like "AOA" (sample lyrics: "aye oh aye oh aye") and "Cheh Cheh Chi" and "LMNOP", but they're catchy and easy to sing along. The highlight of their set was when they threw down a white tarp-like covering and the audience was dancing under it like a party fort.

Wow, Bang Bang Eche (myspace) are young. Someone told me that they're about 18 years old, but they certainly look much younger. Their music is very punk high-energy and reminds me a bit of Arctic Monkeys influenced. My easily favorite song from their set is "Fist Full of Dollars", perhaps a reference to Sergio Leone classic film? They ended their setlist with "Die Hippy Scum". Oh, also, it's worth noting that bassist T'Nealle sported a three keyboard cat moon t-shirt. Adorable.

The odd group on the bill was two-person group, Lookbook (myspace). The band is basically guitarist Grant Cutler, who plays guitars and handles the pre-recordings, with vocalist Maggie Morrison. Their music sounds like 80s pop, not exactly the "body-moving" type of music that you'd think Har Mar's audience would demand. Not really much to say, except I think Maggie looks really cute and I will be talking about them in further detail on my "book"-theme news on Sunday.

Har Mar Superstar Varsity Theater, Minneapolis (11/06/09)
Compared to the last time I saw Har Mar Superstar, which was basically a man and his undies and boombox - he now has a full band, all dressed in white with a red cross on the back. Also, the last time I saw him, he basically stripped down after the first few songs - this time, he started off very heavily dressed with an African cover, hat, etc.

After the first song, he took off his hat. After "DUI", he took off the overall to reveal a Prince "Purple Rain" shirt. He kept taking off articles of clothing as the night went on. From "EZ Pass", to "Girls Only", to "Creative Juices"... the audience was loving it all.

Har Mar and Melinda Park singing "Powerline" 
By the time "Brothers & Sisters" was played, he inevitably took off his shirt. The pants disappeared with "Apple Sauce", followed by "Turn it Around". The finale song was "Tall Boy", which Zach, from Bang Bang, and some woman called Melinda Park (or was it Mindy Park?) joined on stage to help sing the song. Park would later turn up again to help sing one of the encore, "Powerline".

The very last song, Har Mar sang an a cappella version of Boyz II Men's "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday". He would pretend the song ended and everyone would clap... only he would continue to sing the refrain. After the third false ending and after he said "goodnight", he came back and sang some more.

Har Mar's latest album is Dark Touches, available from Dilettante Recordings. Read Andrew's review of the album, pick up a copy at amazon

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